Fitzgerald Auto Mall Debuts One of the Largest Solar Canopies

Fitzgerald Auto Mall hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the launch of the largest Solar Canopy at an auto dealer East of the Mississippi. 

The Fitzgerald Solar Canopy has 2,475 panels, which covers approximately 45,168 square feet. Annually, this solar canopy will generate 1,100,000 kWh, which is estimated to generate approximately 83% of the campus power. 

To put this into perspective, an average house in Maryland uses about 1,200 kWh per month. The Fitzgerald Solar Canopy will generate on average about 90,000+ kWh per month, or enough to power 75 homes per month in the area. The canopy will make a tremendous positive impact on the environment, as it will save approximately 1,702,800 pounds of CO2 emissions, the same amount of energy a power plant produces. This would be the equivalent of planting 42,891 trees per year in order to offset those C02 emissions.

ribbon cutting 2.jpg
Ribbon cutting 1.jpg