The Green Business Directory is comprised of businesses that have been certified through at least one of the following certification standards: 1) Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, 2) B Lab, 3) Green America (Gold), 4) Green Restaurant Association, 5) Green Seal, 6) ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, 7) Veriflora® Sustainably Grown; 8) USDA Organic Program, 9) Certified Naturally Grown and 10) the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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The standards differ and cannot easily be compared to one another.  Some extend beyond the environmental arena into issues such as social justice, governance and community involvement.  Some are more rigorous than others; however, they are all credible, robust and establish a high standard for sustainable business practices.  Since the standards differ in terms of scope and emphasis it very often makes sense to achieve certification through more than one program.  In fact, there are a number of businesses in the Green Business Directory that have more than one certification.


Architecture & Design

Auto Dealership


Cleaning, Removal and Recycling Services

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Financial Services & Banking

Food, Groceries & Beverage

Information Technology

Landscaping, Conservation Planning & Ecological Restoration

Life Sciences, Health Research & Education

Mattresses and Bedding

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Property Investment and Management, Engineering, and Infrastructure

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