AECOM Fast Facts

  • US$17.4 billion of revenue during fiscal year 2016
  • Ranked #1 in Engineering News Record‘s “Top 500 Design Firms” for 8th consecutive year
  • Named one of Fortune magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” for the third consecutive year 

AECOM has a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities, protect our environment and improve people’s lives.

As a global company, AECOM recognizes our expansive footprint and focuses on practices that reduce energy consumption and waste. We have implemented a sustainability data management system to better track and analyze data to enable continuous improvement. AECOM has launched initiatives to decrease energy, consolidated our physical footprint by nearly 10 percent year-over year and committed to significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Here in our Germantown, Maryland office, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond meeting client requirements and complying with environmental rules and regulations.  The AECOM Germantown Green Team has established a mission to incorporate the principles of sustainability into our daily activities to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, to optimize the use of resources, to build positive relationships with our communities, and to promote a healthy and productive work environment.

Our green practice spans across several of our business lines and include a wide variety of services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)
  • Energy efficient major renovation and new construction
  • Commissioning services
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Demand management plus demand response
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Innovative financial solutions
  • Energy master planning
  • Supply side energy analysis
  • Cogeneration, distributed generation and renewable energy
  • Facility improvement and optimization projects - heating and cooling
  • Lighting design and implementation
  • Watershed Assessments
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and Training
  • Natural Resources Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Permitting


Dress it up Dressing

Dress It Up (new).jpg

DRESS IT UP DRESSING -- We want to change the way you dress (your salad).

From the start, Dress It Up set out to offer a delicious alternative to the typically low-quality, low-priced dressings available. We believed there was a market for simple, classic formulas made with integrity – a dressing that could rival home-made.

The quality of the ingredients and how we treat them is what makes DRESS IT UP unique. Our vinaigrettes are made using olive oil, vinegar, garlic, mustard, and a little salt – nothing else. The result is a velvety and creamy vinaigrette that clings to the lettuce leaf, saturating it with flavor, but not with moisture. Vegetables remain crisp and fresh and their flavors come through without being overpowered. Use our vinaigrettes to marinate your meats, accompany your cheese, and, of course, adorn your greens.

Since we don’t add water, our dressing has all the flavor you need in just one spoonful — it’s all you need.

That’s why we say Change The Way You Dress.

At Dress It Up Dressing, we consider our dressings inextricably linked to the environment and to the farmers who produce the fruits and vegetables on which they taste so good. Early on we made a commitment to produce Dress It Up Dressing responsibly and sustainably. That means sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, seeking out small micro-producers, minimizing travel times, shortening the food chain and reducing our impact on the environment. It also means practicing corporate responsibility, providing opportunities for people in our community, and choosing vendors who do the same. We are proud to be a certified B-Corp.

We support initiatives that align with our values and passions – chief among them is the importance of learning healthy eating habits at a young age. That is why we love to partner with groups that offer healthy food to schools and children.

With Dress It Up Dressing we aspire to create a product – and a company – that embodies the traits we hold dear: honesty, integrity, responsibility, and good taste.  

Neighborhood Sun

Neighborhood Sun is a socially conscious company focused on customer acquisition and management in the brand new community solar space. Our initial focus is Maryland and Washington, DC, but we are actively exploring other markets as well. Our management team has years of experience in acquiring and managing customers in Maryland and Washington, DC, as well as the credibility necessary to reach out to the environmentally conscious consumers.  Our business model is based on principals consistent with the triple bottom-line (people, planet, profit) as best modeled by the B-Corps business community.  Our core business guiding principles are:

•    Be profitable – Our top priority is to grow the business in order to generate a return to our investors and have a larger impact on the public good. No margin, no mission.
•    Community Engagement – We will actively engage with the communities we serve, in person, and on a deeper level than just traditional marketing.
•    Customer Service – We will strive to provide outstanding customer service beyond the expectations of our customers.
•    Culture is our Brand – Our corporate culture will reflect our brand mission.
•    Operate Sustainably – We are certified as a B-Corps, and strive to consistently be among the top companies in terms of our sustainable operations.

Our central focus is to have a positive social and environmental impact on the communities we serve. We want to change the entire solar energy paradigm, creating new solar communities, not just new solar customers. Community solar offers us the chance as a business to combine the power of clean energy with the power of buying local to create something new and better than our current system.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  Created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage at Jacob's Pharmacy by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water.  In 1899, The Coca-Cola Company began franchised bottling operations in the United States and in 1902 Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (CCBCC) was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina.

CCBCC Silver Spring has operated from its current location on Elton Road, Silver Spring since 1965. The facility manufactures, packages, and distributes Coca-Cola beverages in 8.5, 12, 16.9 and 20 oz. PET bottles. As the bottling company, CCBCC is responsible for developing local networks, so that the end product reaches the consumer in its best quality. This includes customer development, market investment, order collection and delivery as well as customer and community support. Our roots in Montgomery County run deep.

We, at Coca-Cola strongly believe in delivering sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for the people and our planet. We are a company committed to making a positive difference and our commitment translates into:


The management team of CCBCC Silver Spring is fully committed to protecting the environment by maintaining an effective Environmental Management System.

 Our goal is to incorporate environmental management into existing business operations by involving employees at all levels. Environmental management is not a burden, but a tool to minimize waste, reduce cost, and help the local environment.  Our Top Management Commitment is to be good community stewards of the environment by Conserving Water, Protecting Natural Resources, and RecyclingCCBCC Silver Spring has been certified to ISO 14001 EMS Standard since 2015. In addition, the facility is certified to FSSC 22000 (Food Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality), and OHSAS 18001 (Safety) Standards.


At Coca-Cola we are dedicated to contributing to a healthier happier world. That is why we are committed to:

  • Water Stewardship: Water is the main ingredient in our products and is used for many purposes in our production facilities.  Since 2012, CCBCC Silver Spring has maintained a Water Use Ratio (the amount of water used to produce one unit of Coke Product) below the Company 2020 goal of 1.50.  In addition, the Company requires that each production facility develop a program to understand and manage risks to the source water for our operations. CCBCC Silver Spring has established and trained a Water Resource Management Team (WRMT) responsible for managing facility source water risks identified through a Company sponsored comprehensive Source Water Vulnerability Assessment with a goal to reducing the impacts of our operations on a shared vital resource - WATER.
  • Energy and Climate: The Coca-Cola Silver Spring facility has conducted comprehensive energy assessments to identify areas of focus to improve energy efficiency. Since 2010, our energy conservation efforts have resulted in over 20% improvement in total energy consumption (electricity and natural gas). We continue to improve our energy performance through lighting upgrades, optimizing our processes and scheduled replacement of legacy equipment with more energy efficient ones.
  • Recycling: In 2016, CCBCC Silver Spring recycled over 97% of solid waste generated at the facility and maintained 100% landfill diversion by sending plant trash to the Covanta Montgomery Resource Recovery (Waste-to-Energy) Facility in Dickerson Maryland. Our recycling efforts align with our Company’s strategic priority to demonstrate leadership in sustainability to benefit our environment and communities.


Community engagement is part of doing business at Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated. To that end, our Citizenship Policy outlines the process and required elements for implementing a plan to support our local community and environmental initiatives.

The Company understands the importance of contributing positively to our communities and the environment. Maintaining open communication with our communities demonstrates that we have a vested interest in the surrounding infrastructure. We engage our partners and suppliers to build strong partnerships that promote sustainability, community involvement, minimize our environmental footprint, deepen relationships with our communities and demonstrate commitment to the physical well-being of our consumers. CCBCC Silver Spring has participated in several community outreaches including but not limited to:

  • Hillandale Fire Department Product Donations
  • MD Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge
  • MD Special Olympics Summer Games
  • Kinderfest Sponsor
  • Springbrook High School Music Program
  • Rain Barrel Donations
  • Cecil Kirk Community Center Rehabilitation and book drive
  • Annual Potomac River Watershed (Wells Run Tributary) Cleanup with the Alice Ferguson Foundation

With 50+ years history of manufacturing safe products in Montgomery County, Coca-Cola Silver Spring continues to strive to achieve high performance and leadership in Food Safety, Quality, Safety and Environment as related to Beverage Manufacturing and to actively engage our communities for a healthier and sustainable future for our people and planet.

Gryphon Scientific

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Takoma Park, MD, Gryphon Scientific is a specialized, small business consulting practice consisting of life scientists and health researchers who apply rigorous scientific analysis to problems of global health and homeland security. Our projects drive policy changes in security, preparedness, and science policy at the highest levels of US government. Abroad, we advise governments in the developing world on how to cope with daunting public health challenges. In the commercial sector, we contribute to business strategy for firms focusing on human health and wellness.

As a consulting company, Gryphon primarily relies on literature-based research, interview data collection, and our staff’s rich prior experience in the laboratory, clinical practice, in the field, and in policy shops to tackle projects with complex technical challenges. The backgrounds of our staff enable us to tackle projects with complex technical challenges. Our aim is to improve the health and safety of populations world-wide.

Gryphon Scientific has always been committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable business practices. To this end, Gryphon has developed a comprehensive set of environmental policies and guidelines covering waste reduction and recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy and water use, and transportation and travel. Some highlights of Gryphon’s green policies are:

  • Creation of green purchasing criteria and a preferred green vendor list
  • Frequent use of videoconferencing for business and recruitment activities to reduce travel
  • Use of energy efficient appliances and equipment with energy-saving features
  • Encouraging alternative modes of transportation for employees by providing Metro SmartBenefits for public transportation, shower facilities for cycling or walking to work, and car-sharing services for local business travel.
  • Reduction of paper use through electronic file sharing, double-sided printing, and waste paper reuse


Bell Nursery

Bell Nursery USA started in Burtonsville, MD and is a leading supplier of flowering and tropical plants to The Home Depot in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware as well as parts of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  With 6 production locations and 5 distribution centers, Bell focuses on providing locally grown product with an emphasis on quality and value for the customer. Bell utilizes a unique model of network growers across Maryland and Delaware that is made up of over 30 farm families that grow plants and flowers exclusively for Bell and The Home Depot.

Being a part of the original green industry, we continue to explore ways to further enhance our commitment to the environment and communities in which we work.

o   A certification focused on the agriculture community, Veriflora Sustainably Grown products meet the highest standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Producers of Certified Sustainably Grown crops work diligently to provide a safe and healthy work environment, support farm and urban communities, and protect vital environmental resources such as clean air, clean water, and wildlife habitat, while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

  • Nearly 3 million pounds of recycled material over 5 years

o   Starting in 2011, Bell partnered with The Home Depot to host a location in each store that customers could utilize to return used pots, trays, planters, and other products after their gardening was done.

o   This material returned from the store is sorted and baled or palletized and recycled with industry partners. 

o   The majority of recyclable plastic is returned to one of our suppliers that regrinds the plastic and makes a carry tray for pots out of 100% recycled plastic. Bell has committed to exclusive use of this tray in their perennial production. This completes the cycle – the flower pot or hanging basket had been returned to The Home Depot to be recycled finds new use as a carry tray for plants the following season.

  • Conversion to renewable energy

o   For 3 years the Burtonsville, MD and Elkridge, MD locations have been operating on 100% wind power purchased from the national grid. The net effect of this conversion has the equivalent effect of removing 200 cars from the road annually or not consuming over 100,000 gallons of gasoline.


These are just a few examples of Bell’s commitment to sustainability, to learn more about Bell Nursery please visit

Fitzgerald Auto Malls

Fitzgerald Auto Malls maintains an Environmental Management System that is registered to ISO 14001:2004 that recognizes our impact and responsibility to the environment, our customers and our associates. ISO 14001:2004 requires us to pass stringent independent audits every year. This sets Fitzgerald apart from other automotive dealerships, in that we have considered the ways that we impact our environment, from our major recycling efforts, to our consumption of energy. Fitzgerald is on a course unmatched by even many manufacturers that demonstrate to our customers and to each other that we take our impact seriously, and we're constantly looking for ways to preserve the environment in which we operate as a business.  See short video highlighting our environmental efforts.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) that goes beyond simply meeting environmental laws and regulations, but extends to our everyday practices and business decisions.  This includes:

          •    Ensuring an environmentally safe working environment for our associates, customers and the surrounding community.                                           
          •    Reducing the environmental impact of our products and services whenever possible.
          •    Meeting or exceeding the requirements of all environmental laws and regulations.
          •    Continually assessing and monitoring our environmental programs aimed at reaching or exceeding our environmental goals.
          •    Creating a culture of awareness and commitment to Fitzgerald Auto Mall’s Environmental Quality Policy

As part of our quality management system, we recognize that an effective EMS system is a never-ending journey of continuous effort and improvement. We believe that we can continue to achieve our quality objective of sustained growth of our business while maintaining the health of the environment by focusing on the customer and innovation.
Fitzgerald Auto Malls is doing its part to reduce the effect of fossil fuels on the environment. All of the electricity at Fitzgerald facilities is purchased from Green renewable energy sources, with 100% wind power at all of the dealerships in Maryland.  We continue to be recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency in the Leadership Club as a Green Power Partner.  We are also a member of Clean Energy Partners.

Fitzgerald is committed to recycling 80% of the solid waste generated at each of our facilities. From scrap metal to fluorescent light bulbs. Fitzgerald recycled more than 5 million pounds of materials in 2015.

Fitzgerald Auto Malls were honored recently to be named a 2016 Environmental Responsibility Award Winner by the City of Gaithersburg presented to individuals and organizations demonstrating environmental responsibility in the Gaithersburg community. 

While Montgomery County has a goal to recycle at least 70% by 2020, the Fitzgerald Auto Mall Gaithersburg location has traditionally exceeded this goal. In 2015 they recycled a combined average of 81.4% of all waste generated at the site. That’s over 500 thousand pounds of solid waste!

Just as recycling plays an important role, purchasing recycled materials is also a big component of Fitzgerald’s EMS. Fitzgerald requires that the purchasing of office supplies prioritize the selection of recycled materials. For 2015, they achieved a rate of 38%-recycled materials purchased. From office paper to business cards, this has been a cost effective and environmentally friendly program.

The Montgomery County Yard Trim Composting Facility


The Montgomery County Yard Trim Composting Facility, located near Dickerson, Maryland, has been in operation since 1983. The facility processes leaves and grass generated by the County population of about one million residents. 
The Facility produces and sells both bulk and bagged Leafgro®—a superior quality compost used extensively by landscapers and homeowners as a source of humus for soil improvement.  Products are marketed to distributors, garden centers, and other wholesale purchasers through the Mid-Atlantic Region.  
In 2011, County management decided to pursue development of a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage its environmental aspects and impacts of its composting facility. In 2013, the Facility’s EMS was independently certified to be in conformity with ISO 14001: 2004. The certification was valid for three years. In June 2016, independent certification of the facility was upgraded to the new ISO 14001:2015 Standard.
Under the EMS formal policy, the Department of Environmental Protection pursues opportunities beyond regulatory compliance requirements for reducing risk to human health and the environment; formally establishes objectives to continually improve; reviews progress in meeting those objectives; and communicates information to, and solicits input from, the surrounding community and other stakeholders.   
Environmental improvements realized, as a result of the EMS implementation, include:  
•    Fire hazard reduction through the elimination of a grinding operation  
•    Reduction in resource consumption by inbound and outbound traffic normalized to production
•    Reduction in energy use through fuel efficiency equipment improvements
•    Dust reduction through use of control blankets
•    Zero site litter complaints, odor complaints, emergency situations and environmental compliance violations as a result of instituting and adhering to enhanced standard operating procedures


Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Department of Facilities

Montgomery College is a public, open admissions community college with campuses in Germantown, Rockville, and Takoma Park/Silver Spring, plus workforce development/continuing education centers and off-site programs throughout Montgomery County, Md. The College serves nearly 60,000 students a year, through both credit and noncredit programs, in more than 130 areas of study.

The College has six core values: excellence, integrity, innovation, diversity, stewardship and—sustainability. It was with this value in mind, Montgomery College's Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus completely revised cleaning operations, cleaning techniques and waste reduction becoming the first community college in the nation to be awarded Green Seal certification.

"We now recognize the significant role each custodian plays in protecting the health and well-being of the students, faculty and staff," said Terrence Evelyn, director of facilities on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. 

In addition, the College practices environmentally responsible procurement and changed the requirements for communications and training to meet rigorous health and environmental standards.

More specifically, the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus has transitioned to specialized fabrics like microfiber. Procedures were put in place for the application of color coded microfiber cloth to minimize cross contamination. Also, while the College continues to use some EPA-registered disinfectants, they are applied only where they are needed and staff are trained on how and when to use them. 

PMM Companies

Founded in 1977, PMM is a private company owned by Mitch and Steve Lustig. PMM is an outstanding Montgomery County based company with nearly 40 years of both custodial and facility maintenance experience. We offer unmatched technical expertise, unparalleled experience and diverse resources. We are a “hometown team” of professionals who are committed to providing our customers with the best service at competitive pricing


PMM has developed a LEED® compliant, GS-42 Green Seal™ Certified Green Cleaning Program that addresses most environmental concerns associated with facilities. Our green cleaning programs address such issues as solid waste management and minimization, indoor air quality, environmentally safe cleaning products, equipment and cleaning procedures. By combining state-of-the-art equipment with a customized service plan, PMM assists your facility in making important strides towards economically and effectively maintaining an environmentally healthy workplace.


Glenstone is a place that seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and landscape into a serene and contemplative environment. Guided by the personal vision of its founders, Glenstone assembles post-World War II artworks of the highest quality that trace the greatest historical shifts in the way we experience and understand art of the 20th and 21st centuries. These works are presented in a series of refined indoor and outdoor spaces designed to facilitate meaningful encounters for our visitors.

In keeping with the core values of our institution — “committed to preservation and sustainability in everything we do” — Glenstone has developed and will continue to refine an environmental policy that demonstrates and implements a commitment to sustainability and, wherever possible, rejuvenation of our surroundings.

Outdoors, a dedication to organic landscape maintenance complements all of our efforts, making Glenstone a model for sustainable agriculture and environmental management. Inside, in both the existing museum, and in an expansion, our team of facilities managers and engineers is implementing state-of-the-art energy efficient systems to ensure the lightest possible footprint on the planet.

Among our key initiatives: 

  • We established waste reduction and recycling policies and, where possible, set measureable goals including a 12-stream trash diversion program. We currently recycle more than 80 percent of our food and office materials.
  • We provided appropriate containers, signage and education to facilitate ease of participation.
  • We discourage all printing and invoicing and try to rely on electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, smart screens, emails etc. We set the default to double-sided on copy machines when printing is necessary.
  • We replace disposables in lunch rooms with reusable or compostable  kitchenware; utilize refillable containers for salt, pepper, sugar etc. to avoid individual packets. We use compostable materials for staff picnics and other occasions where “paper and plastic” might otherwise be needed.
  • We re-use or donate any purchased electronics and provide opportunities for associates to recycle their home electronics. 
  • Set thesholds for recycled and chlorine content of all paper, letterhead and envelopes etc. Generally 30 percent is our minimum goal for recycling and avoid chlorine wherever possible.
  • All of our toiletries, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper etc., are comprised of 100 percent post-consumer recycled content; our paper towels are composted.
  • We named a purchasing coordinator to avoid duplication and impulse/emergency purchases and improve efficiencies, and we offered her a position on the Green Team.
  • We create a list of approved vendors based on well-thought environmental criteria and/or local production and availability.
  • We have offered numerous lectures to the state and local community to share our sustainable landscape protocols
  • We reinforce workplace safety through appropriate training and awareness of OSHA and local standards. Numerous associates have taken advanced OSHA training and have received certification.
  • We encourage and support fitness programs, including on-site yoga and meditation, and the maintenance of hiking trails.
  • We evaluate cleaning products for environmental suitability.
  • We utilize all-organic protocols where possible for all insect, weed, fungal and structural pest controls, and we also utilize all-organic protocols for landscape fertility, including the application of compost that we produce on site.
  • We have installed a central “dashboard” energy management system (BMS) system to monitor daily energy use and set benchmarks.
  • We are constructing more than 1 million gallons of cistern capacity to capture stormwater runoff to supply our irrigation needs.
  • We have replaced all T12 fluorescent lamps with energy efficient T8 or T5 lamps and replace all incandescent bulbs with CFLS. 
  • We have planted hundreds of shade trees and shrubs, and have plans in the works for thousands more.

Glenstone Museum

12002 Glen Road Potomac, MD 20854





United Solutions

United Solutions, founded in 2003, is a progressive company that helps people do extraordinary things with innovative technology. We are building technology to reinvent management, reimagine workforce, and rethink how business and government work together to create social impact.

We have been recognized as Montgomery County’s Small Business of the Year, two years in a row, for our growth, innovation, and community engagement. We were also awarded SmartCEO’s Cornerstone Award, a prestigious award given to companies that have made a positive impact on job creation and retention, market competition, and philanthropy. Last, but not least, we were featured in Washington Business Journal's Coolest Office Spaces, showcasing our innovative culture and workspace.

United Solutions has always been committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We have fostered a green office space and a culture that values environmentally-friendly practices at work and at home. At United Solutions, we are dedicated to reducing waste, recycling, purchasing green products, increasing energy and water efficiency, and reducing our environmental impact of travel and transportation.

Some of the highlights of United Solutions’ green practices include:

  • Developing a comprehensive set of environmental policies regarding waste reduction and recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy and water use, and transportation and travel.
  • Implementing a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) that sets three-year goals and establishing sustainability metrics to monitor our progress.
  • Creating a Green Team to lead our sustainability efforts.
  • Posting signs at the office to encourage sustainable behavior and practices.
  • Hosting events to share our green progress with other organizations and encourage them to pursue sustainability goals.
  • Educating employees and customers about our recycling and waste reduction programs, as well as our efforts to buy recycled supplies and materials.
  • Recycling mixed paper, cans, bottles, etc.
  • Donating our old computers.
  • Creating a green purchasing plan and purchasing office products with recycled content.
  • Providing Fair Trade certified coffee to our employees and guests.

For additional information about United Solutions, please visit our website (


RoundPeg develops creative marketing strategies and campaigns to help purpose-driven companies create loyal communities of influence. By helping good companies activate networks of people with shared values, we help them amplify their impact to create a more sustainable world.

As a certified B Corp and Maryland Benefit LLC, we’re proving that business can be a force for good. Every decision we make considers the quadruple bottom line: Purpose. People. Planet. Profit. This commitment guides our decisions internally and inspires us to help green companies engage customers and build passionate communities of brand advocates. 

While RoundPeg's clients are all over the US, we most enjoy working with organizations that are improving our local community. Some of our favorite clients are Montgomery County organizations including The Tower Companies, Clean Currents and the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. Our work helps clients build sustainable brands, develop strategic and practical marketing communications plans, align brand values with customers’ experiences, and activate their mission. By serving our clients, we help more people make choices that are good for them, good for others and good for the planet.

When it comes to taking care of the planet, we also let our sustainable values guide our internal decisions. We recycle paper, cardboard and all the rest, we print on 100% recycled paper, we offset 100% of our carbon emissions and we always dispose of hazardous waste like batteries and other electronics responsibly.

Are you ready to grow your profits, grow your community and grow your impact? We should talk.


8121 Georgia Avenue, Suite 300

Silver Spring, MD 20910

T 301.933.5669 


Capitol Document Solutions

Capitol Document Solutions NEW.jpg

Capitol Document Solutions is a Rockville-based company that provides environmentally sensitive copying, printing, and scanning equipment and service. Since 2008, our mission has been to introduce businesses across the DC Metro area to our eco-friendly and energy efficient printing equipment and digital document management software. Our installations have resulted in successfully reducing our client’s carbon footprint while also reducing their financial expenditures for office equipment.

Capitol Document Solutions is a leader in providing eco-conscious solutions in the sale, leasing and service of high-efficiency printing, scanning, and copying office equipment. With our equipment and our best-practices recommendations, we are able to help our clients reduce print volumes and energy consumption, improve document digitalization capabilities, and provide real improvements to everyday business processes. We offer software solutions to help organizations reduce hard copy printing and digital document management solutions to help organizations transition to a more paperless office. Lastly, we provide common sense services such as toner and ink recycling programs and digital invoicing and reporting.

At Capitol Document Solutions, we are committed to being environmentally conscious. We strive to actively contribute to the improvement of our environment and to reduce our own eco-footprint. Some of the ways we accomplish that are:

  • Provide sales representatives the ability to telework to reduce time spent driving.

  • Encourage the use of digital proposals and presentations.

  • Utilize both normal recycling programs and creative recycling, such as reuse of packing materials.

  • Installation of high efficiency LED lights throughout our office and warehouse.

  • Consume green cleaning products.

  • Eliminate personal printers throughout our office.

  • Install tint on our office windows to reduce heating/cooling energy consumption.

  • Eliminate disposable kitchen paper and plastic products in our workplace.

  • Utilize preferred green vendors

  • Purchase carbon offsets

  • Established a bike loan program for employees


extendYoga, is a North Bethesda-based yoga studio.  Formed in the state of Maryland in 2011. extendYoga’s guiding principles are social responsibility and sustainability. We are committed to the health and well-being of our planet and everyone on it. We participate in many charities and organizations, frequently offer cause-related classes and events and strive to make yoga accessible by offering many lower price classes.

We are a warm and delightfully diverse community that is accessible to everyone – all ages, body types, ability and experience. Whether you are new to yoga and simply exploring what’s possible, looking for a breakthrough or looking to break a sweat, need to unwind or reconnect with yourself, we have yoga for you. And your life. Our spacious, serene sanctuary is home to an active, engaged and vibrant community. We believe in fostering a positive, nurturing environment that supports and challenges you to extend yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As an environmentally conscious studio, we are committed to reducing our footprint on the planet by practicing in several green efforts.

Highlights of green practices at extendYoga include:

  • We run on 100% wind power provided by Ethical Electric.  

  • We are a proud Trees For the Future member.  Meaning?–  we happily plant one tree for every full price class package purchased at extendYoga.

  • We are an EPA Green Power Partner.  As a partner, we are helping support the development of new renewable generation capacity nationwide while also helping protect the environment.

  • We keep our studio green and clean, but we also keep our roads clean!  By being a part of the Montgomery County Adopt A Road (AAR) program, we clean our adopted road at least six times a year and help reduce trash and litter along County roads and maintain a clean environment. 

What do our daily Eco-friendly & green operations/procedures entail?

  • at least 90% of our cleaning products are Eco-friendly

  • wet and dry recycling is utilized daily

  • we don’t print receipts (don’t worry, we’ll email it to you!)

  • we print as little as we need to, use both sides, recycle paper/use for scrap and once we are done- all paper is recycled

  • ink cartridges are repeatedly refilled rather than replaced

  • local and Eco-friendly items (like yoga mats, towels, clothing, jewelry, beauty products, etc.) are sold within the studio

  • energy efficient HVAC systems and LED lighting are used throughout the space

  • we launder our rental towels in a high efficiency washer/dryer and with green/Eco-friendly detergent

  • avoid vampire energy: appliances/electronics are unplugged at closing each day

  • timers are used on outdoor lighting to save energy


12106 Wilkins Ave.

North Bethesda, MD 20852




Raffa is a B-Corp certified, national Top 100, “Best of the Best” CPA advisory firm dedicated to helping great organizations thrive. Providing professional services in audit, accounting and tax, human resources, technology and consulting, Raffa helps hundreds of nonprofits and social enterprises, across the country, effectively and efficiently, manage their most critical processes.

As Raffa companies have grown and expanded over 30+ years to include multiple offices, affiliates and welcome more than 300 employees, the firm has proactively deepened its commitment to environmental sustainability, pursuing broader strategies and devoting greater resources to help us minimize our environmental impact. As part of an industry that is resource intensive and heavily reliant on technology, face to face interaction and communications, and now, with three offices in Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, MD, Raffa knows its vitally important to deeply educate ourselves around green operations and business practices and mandate and institute environmental responsibility consistently across the enterprise.

Raffa’s mission to be a catalyst for positive systemic change necessitates that our operational procedures and environmental practices be well aligned with our brand promise to DO MORE. Whereas the company has always been naturally adept at championing social impact, our environmental sustainability is a work in progress. As we proactively evaluate and work to improve our facilities, services, operations and suppliers, B Corp standards are helping us become more attuned to best practices, and we’re working diligently to expedite the learning curve and further minimize our environmental impact each year.

Raffa understands that its purchasing decisions reflect the values of the company. Our policy to look beyond just cost to consider the societal and environmental benefits of our choices. When making purchases we will consider who we are buying from and what we are buying giving preference to companies that are women, minority or veteran owned and products that have less of an impact on the environment (e.g., reusables over disposables and recycled content over virgin materials) or their production generates a positive social impact, wherever possible. This policy extends to Raffa's purchasing for construction, carpets, cleaning supplies, electronics, food, meetings, office supplies, and paper.

Currently, we are in the process of defining and setting enterprise goals to help us reduce and eliminate waste, achieve new levels of efficiency in energy consumption and decrease our water usage and carbon footprint. To reduce our carbon footprint, the firm is consolidating our three offices into two and currently targeting for LEED Silver in our headquarter facility. Project decisions are being carefully weighed across a LEED Responsibility Matrix with steps being taken to positively impact our environmental scorecard at every turn.

As part of our B Corp recertification process this year, Raffa enlisted the support of sustainability experts to help us develop sound environmental policies and measure our high level impact. Post certification, we are continuing to work with these experts to build out a baseline, set actionable targets, and develop an environmental sustainability plan to compliment our social sustainability plan. Here are some examples of strides Raffa has taken/implemented toward environmental sustainability in recent years:

  • Base headquarter building, LEED Certified
  • Energy conservation/efficiency measures such as Energy Star Qualified Equipment/ Energy Efficient Lighting and HVAC/Programmable Thermostats/Timers/Occupancy Sensors
  • Company-wide recycling program
  • Low-flow water conservation methods ( ie. low flow faucets/taps, toilets, urinals) 
  • Environmentally preferred  purchasing policy for all products
  • Paperless communications policy
  • Recycled/sustainable office supplies
  • Reusable/compostable catering events policy  
  • Liberal work at home/remote office policy
  • Horizontal green committee established to monitor, report and advise on practices
  • Purchasing from other B Corps
  • Default double sided printing on printers and copiers and discouraging printing of documents
  • Bicycle storage
  • Transit benefits program offering for manager and above
  • Donations of used computer systems to nonprofits
  • eWaste recycling 

Washington Gardener Magazine

Washington Gardener is the gardening magazine published specifically for Washington DC and its MD and VA suburbs — zones 6-7. The magazine is published monthly online and delivered to your email inbox as a PDF. YOUR area gardening magazine including gardening tips that apply specifically to your climate and weather zone.

Why read anything else? If you are a DC-area gardener, you’ll love Washington Gardener! The magazine is written entirely by local area gardeners. They have real-world experience with the same problems you experience in your own gardens. They’ll be sharing their thoughts on what to plant in deep shade, how to cover bare spots, which annuals work best throughout the humid DC summers, and much more.

Phone: 301-588-6894


Corcoran Caterers

Corcoran Caterers is certified as a 3 star Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). Receiving 227.15 GreenPoints on the GRA’s certification scale, and having implemented 78 environmental steps, Corcoran Caterers has gone 127.15% above and beyond the minimum requirements necessary for certification.  Here are some of the efforts Corcoran undertakes to help protect the environment:

  • Energy Star Ovens, Freezers, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Steamers, Lightbulbs, and Printers
  • More than 66% of all monthly food purchases are vegan
  • Compost pre-consumer waste
  • Donate to local food banks
  •  Use <1gpm pre-rinse spray valves and faucet aerators to conserve water
  • Use green certified cleaning solutions
  • Utilize recycled furnishings within office


Ecoprint was founded in 1977 in the back of a bus as the in-house print shop of various grassroots environmental organizations. From the beginning, we searched for ways to avoid toxic chemicals and find papers that preserved forests. Since then, we’ve private-labeled our own line of environmentally sound Ecoprint papers along with our own vegetable-oil based and metal-free Eco-inks. We’re the first printer to buy 100% of our electricity from wind farms, as well as the first carbon neutral printer in the U.S.

Ecoprint is committed to managing, measuring and improving the environmental performance of our products, processes, services and employees as an integral part of our mission. We strive to be a responsible company and community partner.


Snyder Cohn

Snyder Cohn,  founded in 1927, provides a wide range of accounting services, including compliance, tax, audit, and financial statement services. We have dedicated divisions that specialize in medical practice consulting, retirement plan administration, and outsourced accounting. Our clients include start-up and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as those with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  We have a global reach as the result of our affiliation with BKR International, a worldwide network of top accounting firms. 

We are distinguished by our approach. We support our clients in their life cycle from inception through succession. We instill a culture of listening and learning to make sure we understand our clients’ needs. 

Founded on the principles of integrity and trust, Snyder Cohn CPAs and Business Advisors understands the importance of doing what’s right – for our clients, employees, community and planet. That means ensuring that the things we hold dear are here for future generations to enjoy.

As a Montgomery County Certified Green Business, Snyder Cohn has demonstrated our dedication to preserving and protecting community assets—social, economic, and environmental. Our accounting firm has spent the past year with a focused intent on practices that reduce our carbon footprint.  

With our office move to North Bethesda, we created the opportunity to build sustainability into the design of our new space.  From lighting to appliances to furnishings, the space utilizes eco-friendly products that reduce both resource consumption and costs. Similar results were achieved by adopting new business practices, such as responsible purchasing, electronic communications, and recycling.

As an organization and as individuals, the people of Snyder Cohn embrace sustainability on all levels. Leading by example is a longstanding company tradition and a quality that our clients respect and appreciate.

For more information about Snyder Cohn, please visit our website at or call 301-652-6700.