Solar Mowing

Solar Mowing uses emission-free equipment to provide lawn-cutting and trimming services. Since 2009 — no emissions, little noise, and beautiful lawns at reasonable rates.

Highlights of green practices at Solar Mowing:

•    All battery-powered equipment is charged by solar panels or with kilowatts purchased from a wind energy source.
•    We mow according to the weather, specific grass conditions, and customers’ wishes — not according to the calendar.
•    We mow your grass so that it is 3½-4 inches high. This height prevents the germination of many weed seeds and fosters a large root system, which increases water/nutrients uptake.
•    We leave clippings, which serve as a natural mulch and help prevent weeds.
•    We sweep/blow grass clippings off sidewalks, driveways, and the street onto the grass or landscaped areas.
•    Our home office is wind-powered, and all invoices are sent via email rather than printed and mailed.
•    Solar Mowing received a runner-up award in the category recognizing businesses “selling an innovative green service” at the 2011 Bethesda Green/Bethesda Magazine Gala.
•    Solar Mowing was given a Most Valuable Partner award by Clean Air Partners in May, 2016, for our “efforts to raise awareness in our region about air quality."
•    From 2009 through 2016, Solar Mowing prevented the use of 3,360 gallons of gasoline in our area, which kept 33.21 tons of CO2 out of our air.