Green Plate Catering

Green Plate Catering started as Kit’s Catering, a Vegetarian brown-bag lunch service delivered by Owner and entrepreneur, Kit Wood. Kit and her business have come a long way over the years. She has been serving the DC Metro area since 1983, while continuing to offer special diets menus and accommodations. She renamed her growing business, Green Plate Catering in honor of her commitment to local, seasonal, sustainable, and organic food sourcing and ingredients & practices. Today, Green Plate Catering is a full service catering company, serving prepared “Good to Go” foods for local markets to fully staffed social, weddings and business events. Their focus remains on providing their customers with delicious healthy meals that are good for you, and good for the Earth.
Here are a few Green Plate Catering “green” practices:

  • Green Plate Catering is an early member of the Green America Gold Certification Program
  • Green Plate Catering believes every great dish begins with local, seasonal ingredients. We partner with local farmers and produce co-ops to bring the freshest harvest of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to our customers.  This greatly eliminates the dependency on petro use as well as invests in our local farming communities.   We use our purchasing power & encourage our local small farmers to grow pesticide free and specialty products.
  • GPC specializes in vegan and vegetarian fare.  Plant based diets are beneficial to our health and our planet. 
  • GPC consults the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and contracts with area farms where the livestock and poultry eat a species-appropriate diet and live in pastured environments. Overconsumption of meat has a huge impact on natural resources, making land and water more scarce.  In 2005 Our level of meat consumption in the US was 279 lbs  per person per year on average.  GPC offers varied plant based menus so our clients may consume responsibley.
  • GPC purchases organic dry goods/grains/spices/etc. in bulk to eliminate packaging waste. 
  • GPC crafts artisanal organic baked goods in their Wheaton kitchen so no preservatives or packaging waste. 
  • Green Plate Catering chooses not to use well known ingredients, such as agave nectar, due to environmental concerns.  
  • GPC purchases only Fair Trade Organic Coffee from a local roasters
  • GPC is committed to building a sustainable future for everyone by using renewable power, supporting local green jobs that cannot be outsourced and fighting pollution, GMO’s and climate change.
  • GPC employs an array of green practices such as composting non-animal bio-waste (95% overall)  to a local composting program.  They recycle or compost over 87% of their total waste by weight.
  • GPC’s emphasis on non-disposable, compostable, and recyclable dishware carries through to the preparation and packaging of every recipe produced in their kitchen. Green Plate Catering creates satisfying events with a responsible carbon-footprint
  • GPC Recently upgraded Refrigeration and is taking advantage of PEPCO’s energy saving program to upgrade remaining refrigeration & lighting.
  • Owner/ employees live within 10 mile radius of GPC commercial kitchen and chef walks to work…

In addition to their green practices, Green Plate Catering believes it is also important to connect with its’ community. They regularly “give back” with donations, including food to local shelters, composting programs and with their time and presence advocating for healthful foods and environmental causes. Kit speaks within the community, not only on the importance of organic natural ingredients, but her story on becoming a successful green business without sacrificing her high standards.
For more information visit their website,, today.