See what local organizations are saying about becoming Certified Green Businesses!

At All Eco Center, it is our business to be Green every day and help like minded families with sustainable products and renovations. The Green Business Certification reinforces our mission and lets the world know we lead by example.

Dave Taghipour, Founder and Owner, All Eco Center 

Being a green business is essential in today’s world. It is exciting and refreshing to know that as an accounting firm we can do more than help our clients’ businesses with their finances; we can work together with our clients, coworkers, friends, and families to spread smart, environmental-friendly, and healthy habits.

Emily Stovicek, Berlin, Ramos & Co., PA 

Bethesda Green proudly received recognition as one of the first businesses and organizations to be certified by Montgomery County’s Green Business Certification Program in 2009. The certification process helped us to focus our attention on continuing improvement, to celebrate achievements accomplished, and to firmly establish our role as a model of sustainability for businesses and residents in the county.

Ralph Smith, President of Smith Design/Construction, and Bethesda Green Board Member 

Given that our core business is investing in sustainable and environmental companies, it is important that our own house is in order. The Certification Program helps us track many areas of the company where we can incorporate green products or habits. The certification process is great in and of itself.

Elizabeth Le Vaca, Director of Corporate Communications, Calvert Investments 

Earning our Green Business Certification is changing how we do business not just in our day-to-day operations but also among our clients. We’re expanding our lending portfolio to grow relationships with businesses that share our conservation values – those that provide green products or services or are implementing ways to improve their environmental stewardship. That shared commitment takes our partnerships in a new direction that feels really great for us and for our customers.

John Lane, President and CEO, Congressional Bank 

For more than a century, Goodwill® has been an entrepreneurial leader and environmental pioneer. Goodwill is ranked amongst leading organizations across the United States and in industry sectors for its leadership in reducing its carbon footprint by reducing the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. We have taken steps at our headquarters in Rockville, MD to decrease our energy consumption and reduce the risk of climate change through green power purchasing. We will continue to place an emphasis on sustainable building and operations practices.

Jim Gibbons, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries International 

As an organic beverage company, Honest Tea is engaged in sustainability efforts on a daily basis, but the application process for Montgomery County’s Green Business Certification gave us a chance to review our company operations through a more expansive lens.

Seth Goldman, President and TeaEO, Honest Tea 

Being certified as one of Montgomery County’s Green Businesses creates a sense of duty and accountability in our organization; we are always looking for ways to continuously improve. We are currently engaged in an extensive lighting retrofit using new LED bulbs and our employees are enthusiastically supportive.

Jim Young, VP Corporate Facilities and Real Estate, Marriott International 

The Chamber was energized by its Green Business Certification to turn off the lights, eliminate water bottles and reduce paper usage. Best of all, we host over 150 meetings in our office each year and our guests experience ways to be green.

Gigi Godwin, CEO & President, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

Here at Radius Technology Group we strive to make things as easy for our clients and employees as possible and going through the process of becoming a green certified business in Montgomery County has assisted with streamlining our business processes. We have taken a paperless approach to most aspects of our work to eliminate the need for unnecessary printing and copying. All of our invoicing, contract and personnel reporting is done electronically. In addition, our new website is a great electronic source for our clients, employees and potential business partners to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Nikeisha Henry, Operations Manager, Radius Technology Group 

Being part of the Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program has generated goodwill among Reznick Group’s most valued assets – our employees. Our employees are enthusiastic participants in recycling and energy efficiency, and they are a great source of innovative ideas that contribute to our green bottom line.

Jim Martinko, Co-Office Managing Partner, Reznick Group’s Bethesda office 

Being a certified Montgomery County Green Business has given us a very real sense of ‘walking the talk.’ We have always been an active member of our community, advocating involvement by our staff in our work and home communities. Going through the process of certification helped us incorporate our beliefs into real actions – involving both our staff and our clients. Recently, we instituted e-invoicing as our latest form of e-communication with our clients. The time and resources we have saved in the process make us more efficient. But even more important than that is the knowledge that every step, every action we take together – especially in partnership with our clients -- has a cumulative effect on sustaining our environment.

Eddie Snyder, Chairman, Snyder Cohn 

We gained a lot of awareness by participating in the Montgomery County Green Business Certification process, and we continue to use this knowledge to guide corporate decisions. Over time, we’ve also noticed how well these sustainability efforts support our core values of improving public health, giving back to the community, and attracting exceptional employee-owners.

James J. Lynch, PhD, President and CEO, Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. 

Becoming a Certified Green Business in Montgomery County has helped our office to conserve resources while demonstrating to our clients that we can do more than recommend greening programs, we can implement them as well.

Ed Hagarty, Program Development Manager, URS’ Germantown Office 

Everyone – from small businesses to large corporations – has an obligation to do their part to preserve the world’s natural resources. Montgomery County helps to provide a roadmap with the Green Business Certification Program. The Wildlife Habitat Council is honored and pleased to be certified by this great program.

Robert Johnson, President, Wildlife Habitat Council 

We realized we needed to do more to prove ourselves worthy of the Certification and ended up changing many processes in our day-to-day operations in order to improve our environmental impact. We created a ‘Green Team’ that implements sustainable business practices across departments. The cross-departmental nature of our green practices has improved internal communication, our corporate culture, and helped us create new business-to-business relationships. We are not only a green business…we have become a green community.

Jim Conlon, Owner and President, Elysian Energy