Staff Engagement Posters Big Hit at Snyder Cohn, P.C.

Check out the Green Business Certification Program’s new staff engagement posters ranging from healthful and sustainable lunches, to the Do’s and Don’ts of recycling, to green commuting.  Feel free to brand them yourselves by adding your logo and clever tagline. 

green Trivia In Emplyee Lounge.jpg

Here’s how Snyder Cohn, a Certified Green Business is using them:  

At Snyder Cohn, P.C. we take our commitment to the environment seriously.  Although being a Montgomery County Green business isn’t a trivial matter,  we love “green trivia”.   We recently placed a variety of the Green Biz posters in our catering kitchen and employee lounge and people have really enjoyed the fun facts and trivia.  As a matter of fact,  the response has been so positive that we plan to incorporate green trivia contests into our monthly internal employee newsletter and will regularly rotate various Green Biz posters featuring green trivia/fun facts throughout our office.

green poster in catering kitchen.jpg
green trivia poster.JPG