The Green Business Certification Program was launched in December 2009 through a partnership between the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and Montgomery College. 

The program was originally modeled after the Bay Area Green Business Program in California, as well as Santa Monica’s Green Business Certification Program, the Sacramento Sustainable Business Program, and Sarasota’s Green Business Partnership.

Initially, certification was based exclusively on an in-house application designed by DEP for businesses with office-based operations, and expanded a number of years later to include landscape businesses. 

In 2015, the program recast itself as an umbrella recognition program and began accepting businesses certified through outside third party programs to complement its in-house application and expand program eligibility.  These third party certification programs include B Lab, Green America, the Green Restaurant Association and Green Seal.  Eligibility now includes restaurants, hotels, cleaning companies, home based businesses and more. 

The first ride-on bus campaign to celebrate the green business certification program