Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce


The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Business. It supports its approximately 500 member companies, through advocacy efforts on a wide range of issues impacting businesses, and by providing them with educational programs, business networking events, and other services.

The Chamber has been a leading force in educating its members and others in the regional business community about the benefits of green business practices and of opportunities to thrive in the new, green economy. MCCC partnered with Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection, with the support of the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation, to create and promote the Green Business Certification Program.

The Chamber involved many of its member companies in helping to develop and “beta-test” the certification application process. The Chamber has also strongly embraced the initiative in its own workplace and its exemplary green practices include:

  • Heavily promoting the certification program to other businesses and coordinating multiple educational programs and meetings to help recruit and train prospective participating businesses.
  • Replacing disposable plates, cups, and utensils in the office kitchen with non-disposable utensils, and reusable/refillable containers, dishes, etc.
  • Setting the office coffee machine on a timer to avoid the use of energy when the machine is not brewing.
  • Eliminating the use of bottled water for office functions and replacing bottles with glass pitchers and eco-friendly cups.
  • Dramatically reducing the amount of paper used: Internally by setting printers and copiers to print double-sided, using previously printed paper for scratch paper and internal printing, and using electronic formats more frequently for the dissemination of information; externally, dramatically reduced size of event program books, resulting in significant savings in print production costs.