Maven Group

The Maven Group and its affiliates first founded in 1995 by Warren Teitelbaum and Stuart Schooler possesses in-house development expertise in due diligence, underwriting, land use planning and zoning, comprehensive construction management, environmental risk management, structured finance [for real estate and renewable energy systems] and leasing. The company has developed and owns shopping centers, multi-family and mixed use projects as large as 227,000 square feet.

Since its inception, all of the Maven Group’s development and renovation feasibility studies have begun with an analysis of the adaptive reuse of structures and the re-use of building materials. All acquisitions and site plans must conform to the company’s fundamental development limitation. The Maven Group will not build on flood plains, fill in wetlands or destroy or disrupt mature tree stands.

A primary focus of our real estate development practice is the redevelopment of brownfields and other environmentally stigmatized properties through our affiliate Recycland. Our Kamp Washington project located in Fairfax, Virginia was a former contaminated gas station site developed into a retail center that includes a Vitamin Shoppe and ATT retail store.  The Maven Group’s commitment to renewable energy is managed by our affiliate, Rockville Solar Group, which has recently developed an 865,000 kWh photovoltaic solar panel energy system at our Rockville Ice Arena located in Rockville, MD. This is one of the largest solar panel systems in the state of Maryland. The energy produced by the system will service our tenant the Montgomery Youth Hockey Association, a nonprofit organization that has been in existence for over 35 years.

In 1998 the principals enacted our environmental commitment principles which included in 2001 the purchase of a Toyota Prius Hybrid for our fleet vehicle, which employees from time-to-time use for personal needs. Stuart Schooler, Managing Member, regularly rides a bike or moped to work. Highlights of Maven Group’s policies and principles are:

  • Practice efficient printing and copying by first avoiding printing whenever possible, second, using the size reduction and duplex features to enable printing of two to four pages of a document or book onto one page and third, circulating single copies for office distribution rather than making multiple copies.
  • Using remanufactured toner cartridges for all printers.
  • Encouraging employees to bring in used toner cartridges (and cell phones) from home to be recycled via the Recycle for Breast Cancer Program.
  • Occupy space with individually controlled HVAC to permit windows to be opened and mechanical systems shut down whenever possible.
  • Shutting down computers and monitors (except the server) every evening.
  • Recycling bottles, glass and PET in the blue bins in the kitchen.
  • Existing furniture is used or refurbished.
  • The Maven Group encourages employees to walk, ride bikes, take public transportation and carpool to work.
  • When renting a car for business travel, hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles are the preferred method of transportation when financially feasible.
  • The dishwasher shall be run once daily during off-peak hours.