Bethesda Green

Bethesda Green is a 501(C)(3) non-profit incubator, connector and community partner organization. Our Be Green Hub accelerates green businesses by focusing on the triple bottom line and creating a supportive co-working space for small, green startup businesses to augment their growth and network with other green organizations in the area. As a Community Partner, we engage the local community in the sustainable economy through opportunities that inspire innovation and implementation of green solutions. As a Connector, we foster partnerships focused on testing, piloting and advancing innovation and impact in the sustainable economy.

Some of our achievements since starting operations in 2008 include:

●     Over 35 events delivered totaling nearly 1000 attendees, including incubator-specific events reaching over 200.
●     A marketing reach of nearly 7500 people and engaged social media followers.
●     More than 35 companies incubated since 2009; 89% still in business, 8% sold.
●     Seven new companies joined in 2015.
●     Incubator companies nationally recognized: DOE Sun Shot Catalyst and Village Capital Awards, Cleantech Open.
●     Facilitated the first rooftop farm in Bethesda, a collaboration between a property manager and incubator company UpTop Acres.
●     Managed a condominium complex’s Storm Water Initiative.
●     Hosted Green Neighbors meetings, Happy Hours, an internship fair, annual Gala, and a Sustainability Series.
●     Over 35,000 lbs of recycled material collected from the BG-branded recycling bins.
●     Participated in the county-wide community education event, the Montgomery County GreenFest; attracted approximately 1,000 visitors.
●     Provided pro bono and discount legal, accounting and marketing professional services support to incubator companies through our mentorship program.
●     Hosted three business plan competitions and mentoring program cohorts with 40 DC-area entrepreneurs, in partnership with the Mentor Capital Network.