Berlin, Ramos & Co., P.A.

Berlin, Ramos & Co., P.A., has been committed to serving clients in the Montgomery County area since 1947. We have a dedicated, experienced staff that is passionate about providing the highest level of service to our clients and our community.

We recognize that sustainability is crucial to both our local environment and the future profitability of our firm. We understand the importance of our actions in terms of our own environmental footprint and the influence we have on our clients, staff, and neighborhood. We believe that good habits are contagious. Every action we take to incorporate responsible environmental habits into our daily routine will encourage those at each level of our operations to take similar actions.

Though we were recognized as a Montgomery County Green Certified Business in May of 2011, we really began incorporating sustainable practices into our operations in 2007 when the firm went “paperless.” We store all documents electronically, use electronic communication for almost all correspondence, and only provide paper copies of documents at the request of clients. We have reduced our paper use by more than 33 tons of wood per year and successfully encouraged a large percentage of our clients to receive only electronic copies of documents. Our resource conservation continues to improve every year, and we hope in the near future to be transmitting almost all documents electronically.

As we continue to seek out and utilize the most advanced technology and practices in our field, we will be searching for new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact. We will also be continuing to support and form relationships with other sustainable businesses in our area that share our commitment and passion for environmental responsibility.

As accountants, we certainly understand what Albert W. Atwood meant when he said that “waste is a tax on the whole people.”