All Eco Center

All Eco Center is an All Green Design Showroom dedicated to helping everyone Go Green! Every home and business has the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly while reducing their carbon footprint but needs resources to help make it happen. We are that resource and take great pride in working with each and every client to achieve healthy results. Dedicated to all things eco-friendly, our specialty is Green carpet & flooring and offer a unique and stylish array of products rarely found in the average showroom. We offer trade discounts and have products for every style and budget.

We also provide green products such as natural cleaning solutions, solar lighting systems, LED retrofits, reclaimed wood and tiles made of recycled rubber, leather and glass to paperless hand dryers and high-efficiency dual-flush toilets.

  • Green practices at All Eco Center include:
  • Conserving paper by conducting 90%+ of our promotions through the Internet.
  • Conserving water by using dual flush toilets and utilizing automatic faucets
  • Conserving energy by using flat panel monitors on every computer in the store and turning off unused equipment.
  • Conserving resources and building with reclaimed wood and bamboo. 
  • Encouraging employees to carpool or take public transit, offering incentives.
  • Using natural biodegradable cleaning materials throughout the business.
  • Using e-mail, rather than paper, whenever possible for all correspondence.
  • Using natural lighting instead of artificial lighting throughout showroom
  • Telecommute whenever possible, reducing gas usage and emissions.
  • Providing employees with access to kitchenware, reducing the need for disposable cutlery.
  • Providing customers with a station of Energy Star information.