Ecoprint was founded in 1977 in the back of a bus as the in-house print shop of various grassroots environmental organizations. From the beginning, we searched for ways to avoid toxic chemicals and find papers that preserved forests. Since then, we’ve private-labeled our own line of environmentally sound Ecoprint papers along with our own vegetable-oil based and metal-free Eco-inks. We’re the first printer to buy 100% of our electricity from wind farms, as well as the first carbon neutral printer in the U.S.

Ecoprint is committed to managing, measuring and improving the environmental performance of our products, processes, services and employees as an integral part of our mission. We strive to be a responsible company and community partner.


Snyder Cohn

Snyder Cohn,  founded in 1927, provides a wide range of accounting services, including compliance, tax, audit, and financial statement services. We have dedicated divisions that specialize in medical practice consulting, retirement plan administration, and outsourced accounting. Our clients include start-up and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as those with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  We have a global reach as the result of our affiliation with BKR International, a worldwide network of top accounting firms. 

We are distinguished by our approach. We support our clients in their life cycle from inception through succession. We instill a culture of listening and learning to make sure we understand our clients’ needs. 

Founded on the principles of integrity and trust, Snyder Cohn CPAs and Business Advisors understands the importance of doing what’s right – for our clients, employees, community and planet. That means ensuring that the things we hold dear are here for future generations to enjoy.

As a Montgomery County Certified Green Business, Snyder Cohn has demonstrated our dedication to preserving and protecting community assets—social, economic, and environmental. Our accounting firm has spent the past year with a focused intent on practices that reduce our carbon footprint.  

With our office move to North Bethesda, we created the opportunity to build sustainability into the design of our new space.  From lighting to appliances to furnishings, the space utilizes eco-friendly products that reduce both resource consumption and costs. Similar results were achieved by adopting new business practices, such as responsible purchasing, electronic communications, and recycling.

As an organization and as individuals, the people of Snyder Cohn embrace sustainability on all levels. Leading by example is a longstanding company tradition and a quality that our clients respect and appreciate.

For more information about Snyder Cohn, please visit our website at or call 301-652-6700.

Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk Removal Services has been simplifying the lives of residential and business clients in the Washington, DC metro area since 2003. We remove almost anything that clutters your life including: appliances, furniture, donation items, construction material, and landscaping debris.

We pride ourselves on being a little different than our competitors:


Our award-winning, customer-focused staff will work to ensure your satisfaction. If our pink trucks don't make you smile, our staff certainly will!



We were the first Green America certified junk removal company in the DC area. We recycle and donate items to keep excess junk out of landfills. We'll send you receipts for any items we donate.



Larger trucks plus a lower minimum price equal lower rates for you. We consider ourselves the best value in the junk removal industry.


Pioneer Building Services

Pioneer Building Services (Pioneer Services) is committed to contributing to the efforts of environmental awareness, conservation and healthier indoor environments. To that effort, Pioneer Services has initiated a green, healthy cleaning policy following guidelines that comply with the Green Seal Standard 42 (Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services) as well as LEED O&M Standards for High Performance Cleaning and Custodial Effectiveness. Green, healthy cleaning procedures and policies are based on the following principles:

  • To reduce, as economically and technologically possible, the environmental impacts associated with the use of products and equipment utilized during the cleaning of interior spaces.
  • Cleaning for health without harming the environment.
  • Environmental stewardship: shared responsibility among building management, occupants and building service providers in reducing impacts on health and the environment.
  • Green, healthy cleaning to provide a safer, healthier environment that promotes productivity, decreases absenteeism and increases feelings of well-being and comfort for building occupants and employees.
  • Sustainable policies and procedures to insure continued programs that promote healthy cleaning and reduced environmental impact.


Core Practice Requirements

To accomplish these goals, we have instituted the following items as core practice requirements:

  • Training
  • Planning
  • Maintenance and use plan for powered equipment
  • Products and supplies
  • Cleaning procedures and requirements
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Monitoring and Inspection
  • Employee Health and Safety


About Pioneer

Our first account (which we still service today) was 1325 East-West Highway, a 285,000 square foot commercial office building and headquarters to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Pioneer has grown from a small service provider operating one account into a midsized contractor with 90+ accounts stretching all across the Washington Metropolitan Area. At Pioneer, every client is unique and special. Our focus is to grow each relationship and account, one at a time. We remain committed to building on our culture of excellence for the benefit of our clients, our employees and our buildings.


Founding Farmers

“We’re a business that is working to improve our community, influence positive environmental trends in our industry and provide great food and drink.”

 – Dan Simons, Concept Developer and Managing Partner, Farmers Restaurant Group


The Founding Farmers name represents a combination of ideas. Primarily it is a celebration of the land and the American Family Farmer. Next we nod to the founding fathers of our country, many of whom owned and farmed the land that surrounds Washington, D.C.; and finally, it is a place where true, sustainable, farm-grown and harvested American foods reminiscent of traditions from across the land are brought to our guests.

The rich history of American cooking tradition is celebrated through the menus at Founding Farmers, with a philosophy to promote sustainable agriculture and the ways of the American family farmer at every turn, and to offer new seasonal choices to reflect the best of what is available from our farm sources. For more than 400 years, America’s independent family farmers have been both the foundation and the pillars of their communities. They grow high quality food, they are active in civic life, and are essential to the economic vitality of both their hometowns and the nation. As stewards of the land, family farmers work to protect the soil, air, water, and biodiversity, in addition to producing high quality, healthy food for everyone. Thus, the Founding Farmers philosophy to operate, serve, and live green is the heart of the American Family Farmer.

Our logo captures many related ideas. The two “F’s,” one facing backwards with an eye to history, the other facing forward with an eye to the future of food and farming; the rows of corn kernels, representing food but also representing people gathering at the community tables that we have in the dining rooms; the seven shades of color of these corn kernels representing the coming together of people from all seven continents.

We walk the talk when it comes to buying food

At Founding Farmers we believe that everyone benefits by all of us knowing about the source of our food and its journey from seed to harvest to table. We exist to promote the products and services of farm families, ranches and fisheries and to educate the public about the long-standing connection between farmers and their historic stewardship of natural resources.

While most restaurants buy from large companies and corporate food factories, at Founding Farmers we stock our kitchen and bar with the freshest ingredients from sustainable farms from across the country. When animals and vegetables grow in their natural environments free of chemicals, the result is better tasting food and drink. Using and sourcing sustainable food is not a new, trendy idea; the best chefs in the world, and certainly here in Washington have long known the secret to a great dish is regionally or locally grown seasonal produce and naturally raised meat. In fact, cooking with fresh, natural ingredients has been an old American tradition that began with our founding farmers.

Buying directly from farm sources not only allows us to deliver the highest quality food to your table but also helps transform the food economy. Sustainable food production engages methods that produce healthier food, preserve the environment, respect workers, treat animals humanely, and support farming communities. By contrast, the current industry standard for food production is not sustainable because it prevents independent farmers from earning a reasonable living, destroys the environment, and delivers low quality food to the American public. The movement for sustainability in the food industry has developed as a direct result of these problems and is quickly becoming a popular alternative to industrial food choices.

Our Key Values:

Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle

  • More than 75% of construction waste was diverted from landfills and recycled.
  • Wood flooring downstairs was reclaimed from a textile mill in Georgia, cleaned and sealed.
  • Whitewashed wood at front door and the barn wall are from a razed barn in West Virginia that has been cleaned and sealed.
  • Other materials containing more than 50% post-consumer recycled content include: the carpet, gypsum board, structural steel and wall coverings.


We Use Locally Sourced Materials 

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint through construction and beyond with high-quality products that last longer than typically mass-produced furnishings.
  • All tabletops and chairs are made from walnut extracted from nearby Harrisburg, PA and manufactured in High Point, NC (within 500 miles of the restaurant)
  • Jars of fruits and vegetables are from a farm in West Virginia, canned by the farmer himself.
  • High quality produce and meats are locally sourced when possible (Maryland).


We Operate as a Certified Green Restaurant

  • Energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen and office to reduce water and energy usage.
  • Utilization of an energy efficient water purifier in house for mineralized and filtered water to eliminate bottled water waste and carbon footprint from shipping.
  • Use only recycled disposable products that are biodegradable.
  • Strict recycling standards
  • Composting all of food waste.
  • Biofuel program reuses and recycles the oil from the fryers.


We Know Where Our Food Comes From

  • We provide transparency of Food-to-Table sourcing *
  • Goal is to bring us closer to the source of our food
  • The open Pastry Studio allows guests to view chefs preparing our scratch-made cakes, pies, and other desserts

*see the seasonal Crop List for more information


Pending LEED Certification

  • Potomac’s Founding Farmers has been designed to meet Bronze level Commercial Interior LEED level certification standards.  Certification is pending.
  • There was strict adherence to LEED requirements during building phase
  • Certification is based on efficient electrical, water and heating/cooling systems, and the types of materials that were used in the design.
  • All other energy use is offset by carbon credits we purchased to make our usage 100% carbon neutral.
  • The restaurant is 100% wind powered.


Potomac Design Elements

  • The host stand and bar front are finished with reclaimed shoe shipping boxes.
  • The stone top at the pastry station is soapstone salvaged from an old building on the University of Maryland campus.
  • The wallcovering in the restrooms are by Designtex.  The images are printed on a substrate made of recycled material.
  •   The chairs are custom made by a small shop in Ohio called Objeti.  The wood used was all sourced locally (within 500 miles).
  • The large communal tables were custom made by Dunbar in North Carolina, and wood was sourced locally as well.
  • The flooring in the kitchen pass-through and work areas is by Oscoda Products and is made up of 100% recycled materials in a composite form.
  • Counter tops in the restrooms are made of Paperstone, which is made of 100% post-consumer content recycled and pressed composite paper.
  • The large mural was printed on a substrate that contains rapidly renewable content.  The image is by a New York based artist that teamed with manufacturer Maharam, to help create unique digital projects. This piece resembles the American heartland.

Copper Canyon Grill

Our mission is to serve delicious comfort food which is made daily in-house by our chefs. We follow sustainable practices and source your food locally whenever possible.  Your dining experience in this restaurant will also be friendlier to the environment because we have taken steps to limit chemical, electricity, and water usage.  We also meet strict standards for recycling and lowering impact to landfills.  EAT WELL. 

Copper Canyon Grill received 136.35 GreenPointsTM on the Green Restaurant Association’s rigorous certification scale and having implemented 45 environmental steps, Copper Canyon Grill has gone 36.35% above and beyond the minimum requirements necessary for certification. Copper Canyon Grill has met the standards of the GRA under six categories; disposables, energy, food, pollution and chemical reduction, waste, and water.

Contributor’s to the restaurant certification:

  •  Eliminated all Styrofoam products
  • Install faucet aerators that reduce the amount of water used
  • Replace paraffin candles with all-natural beeswax and soy
  • Implemented composting and recycling                                               

Copper Canyon Grill has implemented a staff training program on its green initiatives. See Copper Canyon Grill detailed green label and all their environmental steps.

Copper Canyon Grill has several locations in Maryland and Florida. Each location offers a personal dining experience that is warm, inviting, friendly, and satisfying, that keeps guests coming back.

Restaurant Locations of Cooper Canyon Grill:

  • 928 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD  -  (301) 589-1330
  • 100 Boardwalk Place, Gaithersburg, MD  - (240) 631-0003
  • 9300 Taj Lane, Lanham, MD  - (301) 322-8600
  • 9101 International Drive #1220, Orlando, FL  -  (407) 363-3933

What are the environmental benefits?

Restaurants who meet the GRA’s rigorous certification standards are true leaders in the industry and have shown their commitment to decrease the environmental impacts of the restaurant industry. Check out some of these stats:

  • Some of Copper Canyon Grill’s appliances consume more water in one day than an entire household would use in a year.
  • The restaurant industry is five times more energy intensive than other retail, office, and lodging industries.

CF Services Group, Inc.

CF Services Group, Inc. is an independent financial services company since 1981.  The innovative approach to socially responsible impact investing that the advisers of CF Services Group, Inc. utilize is having profound, worldwide effects.  These strategies have a focus on shareholder activism which allows retail investors to participate as agents of positive change for the environment and social justice.


CEM Design

Architects designing green, sustainable buildings since 1981.

At CEM Design we focus primarily on historic restoration and renovation, and environmentally sustainable “green” design.  While these may seem to be very different areas of expertise, we believe they are essentially complimentary.  The most sustainable building conserves and reuses the embodied energy of an existing building.  We are corporate members of the USGBC, Energy Star Partners, Green America, and Maryland Green Registry.

The practice of architecture is an inherently paper intensive profession.  In 2009, we made a commitment to utilize quantifiably less paper.  We now use FTP protocols for sending documents to engineers, consultants, contractors, and reviewers whenever possible.  We email clients PDF files for contracts, billing, and plan review, and maintain an on-line plan room with limited access.  Our production of waste paper has been reduced by more than 50%.  All paper we use must have 50% or greater recycled content.

We have an on-going program to reduce the carbon footprint of our office by utilizing high efficiency electronic equipment and lighting, and purchasing carbon offsets for interstate travel.

Our corporate culture of sustainability extends back to 1986, when we designed our first passive solar home in Potomac, MD, long before it became popular.  Since then, we have designed numerous passive and active solar buildings, both commercial and residential.  We designed a home powered by photovoltaics in Leonardtown, MD under the Million Solar  Roofs program, that was partially funded by the SMEC.  We designed a high-tech passive and active solar home in Gunnison, CO, and a passively cooled home in central Florida.  We designed our first geothermally heated and cooled building in 2002. 

In 2001, we designed a community center for the City of Rockville that was the first building in the city designed to LEED Certified standards.  This was not a requirement of the City, but we felt it was the right thing to do.  I serve as a volunteer on the City of Rockville Historic District Commission, which is charged under the State of Maryland code with preservation of the historic resources of the City.  Our employees are encouraged to participate in local preservation and environmental projects.  We regularly teach seminars on energy conservation and alternative energy utilization to community groups and the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  We are course reviewers for the USGBC Greenbuild convention educational programs.

We converted our office heating system to a 98% efficient natural gas fired boiler.  It was a 1930’s vintage oil-fired boiler.  The air conditioning system is a new, 19 SEER rated system. Our electricity is purchased from a wind power provider.  Even our website host is wind powered.

Whenever possible, our employees are encouraged to work from home.  We provide bicycle storage, and shower and changing facilities on site for bicycle commuters.  We are within 100-yds. of a bus route, and less than a mile from a subway route.  We use teleconferencing for weekly meetings on all of our remote clients or projects.  This eliminates the need for physical meetings, and can eliminate the need for project site visits.  Our office car is a gas/electric hybrid.  Our building is on approximately ½-acre, but our office footprint is a mere 600 sq. ft. The balance of the site is heavily vegetated, and serves as a local storm water absorption area.

CEM Design has built a reputation for excellence in providing award-winning design and management solutions to hundreds of commercial and residential clients.  Our primary areas of focus are historic restoration and renovation, and environmentally sustainable “green” design.  While these may seem to be very different areas of expertise, we believe they are essentially complimentary.  The most sustainable building conserves and reuses the embodied energy of an existing building.

Our residential commissions include numerous custom additions and renovations, including work on historic structures and accessible adaptations, through super-custom one-off houses.  We have won numerous awards and recognition for our residential work from very diverse groups.   A passive solar addition to a 1901 farmhouse in Dickerson, MD won an award from a local preservation organization, and was featured on Old Homes Restored, on the HGTV network.

Commercial work includes regional headquarters buildings for national corporations, general office tenant, professional office tenant and new construction, site analysis, and value engineering. We have also designed several restaurants and retail stores. 

Institutional projects include a regional drug and alcohol clinic, assisted living facilities, half-way houses and a high school for indigent teens, and two community centers for the City of Rockville, MD.

Industrial work includes the laboratory for the company that produces the color-shift ink for the new U.S. currency, and several warehouses.

CEM Design was selected to be the Resident Architect for a federally funded demonstration project for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Design and construction of the renovations required to comply with the Act were filmed for a PBS broadcast special.

Construction has recently been completed on a complex mixed use restoration and addition to the 1764 Falling Green manor house as the corporate headquarters for the Olney Boys and Girls Clubs.  The building utilizes a geothermal heating and air-conditioning system.

CEM Design is committed to the principles providing comprehensive, personalized service; designing aesthetically appropriate, innovative projects that utilize state of the art materials and methods; and insuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.  We have received several awards for our thoughtful, innovative designs, and numerous accolades for the thoroughness and accuracy of the documents we produce.

We are licensed architects in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, and Massachusetts, and we hold national certification (NCARB).


Klockner & Company

Klockner & Company has been building green in Montgomery County since 1982.  As a family oriented business, we have assembled a long standing team of reliable, skilled workers and experienced construction managers.  We address each project with a deft problem solving approach focused on attention to detail and state of the art techniques blended with time honored durability practices.  We have experience in LEED for Homes, Passive House, or simply high quality, energy efficient building.


Kit Gage – Gardener’s Adviser

Often people want to take care of or redo their yard and garden, but want guidance, advice, someone to talk through what they have, what they want to do, and how to get there.  I can help.  Starting with a questionnaire available from my website, we proceed to a meeting on site. I specialize in looking at how stormwater impacts peoples’ properties and how to better absorb it into the yard.  Together we look at the yard to combine peoples’ needs with what’s already there and healthy to come up with a plan on how to improve it.  I encourage the use of native plants, reduction in the use of turf and use of care techniques that help a lawn stay healthy without use of pesticides or fertilizers.  Typically I provide resources – suggesting possible plants, and helpful nurseries.  Sometimes we go to nurseries together to purchase plants.

The core of my practice is environmentally friendly.  I work to educate people about environmentally sensitive designs in yards and gardens, and facilitate their adoption.  I encourage use of native perennials, shrubs and trees to reduce the need for high maintenance and polluting practices.  Of course I recommend watering initial plantings to get them established but suggest allowing turf to go dormant in the heat of summer, and limited focused deep watering for trees and shrubs during periods of drought.

My outreach is word of mouth and electronic.  The questionnaire is filled out and emailed to me.  Many of the resources I forward are websites that require no printouts. 

While I have no public office, I use energy star office equipment, only recycled paper, green cleaning materials, high efficiency heating and cooling – including use of fans, windows, 100% wind sourced energy for electricity, air conditioning cutoff during peak usage, etc.  For consultations, I use a hybrid vehicle and carpool to nurseries.

Short Description

The core of my work is environmental: the advice I give includes saving water, using native plants, reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, reducing turf and treating the remainder in ways that keep down weeds, keep cuttings on the lawn.  We look at how to handle stormwater in ways that will allow it to safely infiltrate in the garden, reducing pollution of streams and rivers.  I encourage the use of (especially native) trees, shrubs and perennials to cool buildings, absorb rainwater, and host pollinators and birds.

Your MD, LLC

At Your MD, LLC, we not only pride ourselves on taking care of our patients, we care about our environment!  That’s why we became a Certified Green Business.

‘Doctors can be pretty formal and stuffy.  But I’m just Joe.’ 

Welcome to Concierge Plus: More Care, Less Trouble

Your MD is an innovative membership medical practice that places a high priority on your time and on the quality of your medical care. We offer you prompt appointments and highly personalized service with no limit on our availability. Call us as often as we are needed.

At Your MD, your appointment is not hurried so you can discuss all your health issues in depth and collaborate on the best course of treatment.

Your MD has removed the barriers found in traditional medical practices and replaced them with improved availability, increased communication and access to a wide range of specialists who can help provide you with the highest possible quality of life.

But we’re not only committed to our patient care, we are proud of our commitment on reducing our environmental footprint.  We started with getting everyone at Your MD on board.  From there on, it became easy.  With everyone’s buy-in, enthusiasm grew and everyone brainstormed on what we can do to accomplish our goal.

We didn’t reinvent the process, just adapted what would work for us.  It started with a collaborated effort on writing our Environmental Policy Statement.  From there we looked at our business and determined what we could do.  We communicate in our staff meetings ways to be more environmentally friendly, use vendors that share our commitment and ways to enhance our waste reduction and recycling program. 

We purchase only recyclable paper; we use an Electronic Health Record management system so we don’t have patient paper files; we email invoices and statements to our patients; use recycled toner and eliminated all paper plates, plastic drink cups and utensils.  We set up an area for all of our recyclable materials with posters showing what goes where.  All of our computers are EPEAT certified and our beverages we use to serve our patients are from fair-trade companies.  We are in the process of converting all of our halogen lights to LED for a huge savings per year to our company. 

We have challenged ourselves to constantly monitor our activity with a goal of measurably reducing our footprint each year.

Westover Consultants, Inc.

Our company began in 1984 as an affirmation of diversity and continues as one. We are a multidisciplinary professional services firm offering Information Technology, management, training, editorial and social marketing expertise to Government agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. We offer our services through a variety of Government-wide acquisition contract vehicles (GWACs), as well as through traditional Federal procurements. We take pride in the varied backgrounds among our employees and consultants: clinicians with extensive field experience; researchers, trainers and facilitators; program administrators; journalists; graphic designers; and medical/behavioral experts. Overlaying this professional mix is a rich cultural tapestry of staff from across America, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

 More than two years ago, Westover began establishing and promoting more environmentally conscious practices through its Green Team.  The purpose of Westover’s Green Team is to coordinate and support efforts to increase awareness and understanding of environmental interrelationships and promote responsible environmental stewardship practices amongst its staff.  Members of the committee include staff representing the Office of the President and the Human Resources Department. However, Westover considers all staff an integral part of its Green Team through support and adherence of its green policies, procedures and initiatives.

 To emphasize its commitment to a cleaner environment and sustainable resources, Westover purchases recycled printer supplies, copier and letterhead paper, utilizes green cleaning products, and provides glass kitchen service ware and filtered water.  We have also partnered with our landlord to ensure energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling.  We are most proud, however, of our efforts to encourage other tenants to “go green” and implementation of employee benefits that encourage and promote more efficient use of energy and materials.  For example, Westover encourages use of mass transit commuting by paying 50% of transportation expenses for its employees.   

 With minimal adjustment, the office is already realizing the benefits of a comprehensive conservation plan. Westover intends to continue promoting its green message through communications and commerce with clients and partners.

URS Corporation

URS Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of engineering, construction, and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies. URS offers a full range of program management; planning, design, and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction management; operation and maintenance; environmental sustainability consulting; homeland security and emergency management; and decommissioning and closure services for power, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and federal projects and programs. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, URS Corporation has approximately 48,000 employees in more than 40 countries. Six-hundred of these employees work in the Germantown, Maryland, Infrastructure and Environment office.

In 2011, Engineering News- Record ranked URS the #1 Green Design Firm in the United States—up from #2 in 2010. The list of the Top Green Design Firms measures revenues generated from projects that have been certified for meeting sustainable design standards by a third-party organization, such as the U.S. Green Building Council. In the eight subcategories on the list, URS ranked #1 in Education and Retail, #2 in Multi-Unit, #3 in Industrial Manufacturing and #4 in Government Offices.

A 2010 report, “Green Quadrant Sustainable Engineering in the U.S.,” published by an independent analyst firm, Verdantix, lists URS as one of the strongest U.S. engineering companies with sustainable engineering capabilities. The rating is based on our strong track record across a wide spectrum of project types, our willingness to innovate, and our organizational approach to sustainability.

In addition to providing sustainability consulting, URS’ Germantown Infrastructure and Environment office employs experts in environmental management and remediation, civil and geotechnical engineering, water resources, technology solutions, cultural resources, homeland security and emergency management.

The URS Germantown Infrastructure and Environment office is committed to promoting a green workplace that places equal value on client service, employee unity and development, and sustainable operational efficiencies. Our move to a LEED Gold-Certified building in 2011 was the impetus to form a Green Team to pave the way for a more fully green operation. Our office and the building management have developed an excellent working relationship and have a common mission to make our operations environmentally friendly. Some of the highlights of our program are:

  • Recycling areas are located throughout the office for office paper, mixed paper, bottles, and cans. Plus a special collection area was established by our building manager for cell phones, batteries, and light bulbs.
  • Employees are encouraged to bring e-waste from home each year on Earth Day to be recycled by the building management.
  • Printers and copiers default to double-sided printing and copying.
  • Our management company uses reduced-mercury overhead lighting.
  • Our cleaning contractor uses environmentally safe cleaning products and is Green Seal Certified.
  • We are developing an interactive, online internal application that will allow employees to identify nearby colleagues for carpooling opportunities. Several bicycle racks are located in the office park.
  • The water usage in the building is reduced by 40% due to low-flow or motion-activated faucets, 1.3-gallons-per-minute toilets, and waterless urinals.
  • Our loading dock and parking areas are kept free from litter, debris, oil, chemicals, and other contaminants to reduce the potential of stormwater flushing these waste materials into Chesapeake Bay tributaries.

Solar Mowing

Solar Mowing uses emission-free equipment to provide lawn-cutting and trimming services. Since 2009 — no emissions, little noise, and beautiful lawns at reasonable rates.

Highlights of green practices at Solar Mowing:

•    All battery-powered equipment is charged by solar panels or with kilowatts purchased from a wind energy source.
•    We mow according to the weather, specific grass conditions, and customers’ wishes — not according to the calendar.
•    We mow your grass so that it is 3½-4 inches high. This height prevents the germination of many weed seeds and fosters a large root system, which increases water/nutrients uptake.
•    We leave clippings, which serve as a natural mulch and help prevent weeds.
•    We sweep/blow grass clippings off sidewalks, driveways, and the street onto the grass or landscaped areas.
•    Our home office is wind-powered, and all invoices are sent via email rather than printed and mailed.
•    Solar Mowing received a runner-up award in the category recognizing businesses “selling an innovative green service” at the 2011 Bethesda Green/Bethesda Magazine Gala.
•    Solar Mowing was given a Most Valuable Partner award by Clean Air Partners in May, 2016, for our “efforts to raise awareness in our region about air quality."
•    From 2009 through 2016, Solar Mowing prevented the use of 3,360 gallons of gasoline in our area, which kept 33.21 tons of CO2 out of our air.



Scott Orthodontics

Scott Orthodontics seeks to provide quality orthodontic care using the latest technology to our patients while also caring for the environment. Dr. Stuart A. Scott has practiced orthodontics since 1992 and specializes in creating beautiful new smiles with the use of traditional and ceramic braces, as well as Invisalign. Our practice welcomes children and adults, and serves the Silver Spring and Bowie/Mitchellville communities. For more detailed information, please feel free to visit our website,, or give us a call.

We began the process of going green in 2010, and are proud to maintain the following efforts to preserve the environment we live and work in:

  • Using special software that permits the elimination of paper charts and the printing of many paper forms/materials;
  • Practicing and promoting water, energy, and resource conservation to cut down on wasteful usage of our earth’s resources;
  • Purchasing recycled/recyclable paper materials (i.e. printing paper, tissues, paper towels, toilet paper);
  • Using “green” cleaning products whenever possible;
  • Recycling paper, plastic, cardboard and can materials;
  • Promoting environmentally friendly practices with the giveaways shared with patients (i.e. reusable lunch bags, coffee mugs);
  • Monitoring energy usage and making the appropriate adjustments on a monthly basis;
  • Encouraging our employees to telecommute, carpool, and to use public transportation; and,
  • Using e-mail, electronic newsletters, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate with our patients, as well as the T-Link service for electronic appointment reminders.

RiverBay Investment Group, LLC

RiverBay Investment Group, LLC focused on offering sound investment strategies with relative performance benchmarks on group retirement plans including 401(K), 403(B), DB, and NQDC. 

For small business owners,  we’ll analyze your retirement plan, determine executive and participant needs, provide asset allocation advice, assist you through the process of picking a plan provider, and monitor performance results, all at a reasonable cost.

Highlights of green practices at RiverBay Investment Group, LLC include:         

  • Gifts and marketing items have been recycled and are useful in an environmentally friendly way.    
  • Energy Smart printers and water coolers
  • Telecommuting                                                             
  • Recycled products such as paper, paper towels, Post it notes, file folders and previously owned furniture
  • Light switches are on timers
  • Dishes, mugs, cups and utensils have been purchased in place of disposable items
  • Recycling bins are labeled and prominent in each area of the office
  • Signs posted to educate employees on “how to” recycle correctly
  • Sponsor of Chesapeake Bay Foundation 


PRIZIM Inc., a subsidiary of Hitachi Consulting is an award-winning sustainability services firm specializing in the environment, energy, and social responsibility. Its clients are world leaders in natural and cultural resource stewardship. PRIZIM seeks to raise the “green IQ” of its clients and is dedicated to consulting services including auditing, capacity building, out-sourced solutions, and IT solutions that help organizations reach the greenest and most profitable decisions.

As consultants we help decision-makers feel confident they will be appreciated by future generations. As innovators, we develop practical tools, business models, and frameworks to expand capacity. Through technology, PRIZIM provides a reliable global presence to ensure seamless client collaboration on any system, anytime, and anywhere. We provide professional services and management support to an array of organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The primary focus for our business activity is on continual environmental improvement, ecological sustainability, technical and management analyses, corrective actions, and regulatory compliance.

Incorporated in 1996, PRIZIM has always maintained its corporate headquarters in Olde Towne Gaithersburg, although its work takes staff throughout the country.  Founder and president Frank Priznar began PRIZIM in order to create a company that he would be both happy and proud to work for – a company that would serve its clients’ and employees’ best interests and see beyond the dollar sign to the positive impact a business can have on society. Today, 17 years after Priznar began his business as a one-man enterprise, the company has grown to 50 employees and has offices in nine states.

PRIZIM’s environmental efforts are spearheaded by the PRIZIM Environmental Management System (PEMS) Committee.  The PEMS Committee is responsible for overseeing the company’s environmental management system (EMS) and acting as a liaison between employees and management when addressing identified and potential impacts.  In January of 2010 PRIZIM was independently audited against the ISO 14001 standard and then ISO certified by April of that year.  PRIZIM maintains ISO certification by undergoing a third-party audit each year.  The certification and annual audits ensure that the EMS stays conformant with the ISO standard, and that we continually improve the company’s environmental performance.  

Highlights of green practices at PRIZIM include:

  • Each of our employees is trained on environmentally friendly practices and how they contribute to the PRIZIM EMS.
  • Our office is located in a repurposed building (The Granary) in Old Town Gaithersburg, and many of our office furniture and decorations are reclaimed/recycled.
  • PRIZIM has an Environmental Work Instruction (EWI) which explains to employees that preference should be given to products that meet or exceed the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG).  The primary purchaser at PRIZIM is familiar with the CPG and takes it into consideration before making purchases.
  • Employees are encouraged to review documents in electronic form and print as little as possible.
  • We reduce waste to the maximum extent practicable in all of our operations.  Our company recycles aluminum, tin, plastics, glass, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, office paper, unwanted mail, batteries, computers, monitors, and various other electronics.
  • PRIZIM is a member of EPA’s WasteWise Program which requires annual reporting of data related to generation of garbage and recycling rates.
  • The PEMS Committee works with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee to collect energy bar and candy wrappers which are then sent in to Terracycle, a company that repurposes the wrappers and donates a small sum to the charity of PRIZIM’s choice.
  • Energy conservation measures have been implemented throughout the company’s headquarters, including energy-efficient light fixtures and bulbs, task lighting, daylighting, teleconferencing, teleworking, Energy Star products, automatic temperature controls, and water-saving features.
  • By purchasing greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets through an organization called Native Energy, PRIZIM was ‘carbon-neutral’ from 2008 through 2012.  One of the projects that PRIZIM’s GHG offsets supported was the installation of wind energy turbines in Greenburg, Kansas.
  • PRIZIM offers employees the opportunity to work a flexible schedule to reduce environmental impacts due to commuting.  Incentives are offered to staff who use public transportation and commute with energy-efficient and/or alternative-fueled vehicles.
  • PRIZIM tries to minimize travel where possible when assigning staff to projects.  An environmental work instruction (EWI) has been developed to explain to employees what travel options are less impacting and potentially better for the environment.
  • As an organization that practices what it preaches, PRIZIM’s greening influence extends to its vendors and suppliers.  For example, PRIZIM’s banking partners, legal counsel, and others are required to provide evidence of good environmental stewardship.
  • PRIZIM is continually recognized for environmental leadership in the community.  Most recently (2012), the company was recognized as one of the “Top 20 Environmental Consultants” by the Washington Business Journal.  For each of the past several years, the company was honored with a Gaithersburg Environmental Award and the Alliance for Workplace Excellence’s EcoLeadership Award.  PRIZIM is a founding member of the Stewardship Action Council.

PM America (Project Manager USA, Inc.)

PM America.JPG

PM America (Project Manager USA, Inc.) is a minority-owned, Small Business Enterprise.  For the past 10 years, we offer specialized Information Technology (IT) Security / InfoSec / Cyber-Security / Information Assurance and IT Project Management consulting services to Federal Government and Corporate America.  PM America has been recognized for its excellent quality, timely delivery, and for consistently exceeding customer expectations.  

PM America’s green office effort is premised on reducing the amount of waste we generate, recycling items to help create remanufactured products, and reusing products in a different way.  This helps us to save money, create a healthy work environment, and minimize our ecological footprint. 

Environmental actions we are taking include the following: 

  • Use double-sided copying/printing
  • Eliminate disposables (including never buying Styrofoam)
  • Conduct quarterly waste assessments to evaluate the success of our recycling  
  • Annually survey staff to gauge their individual sustainability efforts
  • Proof documents on the computer instead of printing numerous drafts
  • Purchase long-lasting products
  • Closely evaluate the number of hard copy reports and publications needed and utilize electronic versions where appropriate
  • Use reusable mugs and water bottles
  • Reuse file folders and corrugated boxes
  • Reuse the back of used paper and obsolete forms for scratch pads and drafts



Founded in Gaithersburg in 1988, MedImmune is the global biologics research and development (R&D) arm of AstraZeneca. With one of the largest, most robust pipelines in the industry — including more than 120 research projects and product candidates — we comprise nearly half of AstraZeneca’s overall R&D portfolio. We focus on three core therapeutic areas: Oncology, Respiratory, and Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease.  The Gaithersburg Campus includes R&D laboratories, pilot-scale manufacturing of biologics medicines, and office workspace and supporting site operations for nearly 4,000 MedImmune and AstraZeneca employees and contractors.

As one of AstraZeneca’s largest sites and its US Center of Excellence for R&D, we support AstraZeneca’s 10-year Sustainability Strategy for protection of Natural Resources, which includes the following global commitments:

  • Limit our 2025 extended operational GHG footprint to 2015 levels.
  • 10% absolute reduction in energy consumption against a 2015 baseline by 2025
  • 10% absolute reduction in waste generation against a 2015 baseline by 2025
  • Maintain water usage at 2015 levels as our business grows by 2025

Sustainability is embedded in operations at the Gaithersburg campus.  Governed by senior management and implemented by cross-functional teams, a dedicated Sustainability Group and active employee Green Team, we set and track progress against annual targets which support AstraZeneca’s global ten-year commitments.  Recent achievements are described below.

Energy & Carbon Emissions

The Gaithersburg campus led the way in energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction at MedImmune and AstraZeneca.  In 2010, we pledged to reduce our energy intensity by 25% by 2020 through the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Plants® program, and are currently on target to meet that goal.  A cross-functional team monitors energy performance and regularly reports progress to senior management to ensure resources are available to achieve this aggressive target.

In 2014, we were the first biotech company to receive certification under DOE’s Superior Energy Performance® program, and we were re-certified to the program at the Gold level for 2017-2020.  We were the first biotech laboratory facility registered to the ISO 50001 Energy Management standard, and were re-registered in 2017 for the 3-year period through 2020. 

Since of the end of 2015, 100% of our purchased electricity has been backed by renewable wind energy.  In 2016, we installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant to reduce our carbon footprint.  By capturing and using heat from electricity generated by the CHP, we reduce carbon emissions by over 30% when compared to using the conventional electric utility grid.  Our CHP enables reduction of over 7500 metric tons of carbon per year, equivalent to taking over 1600 passenger vehicles off the road!  A second CHP plant is planned for 2019.


Low-flow fixtures and smart irrigation sensors help conserve water on campus.  Additionally, we capture usable “reject” water for use in cooling towers, lowering our fresh water consumption.  Our childcare center building harvests and conditions roof runoff rainwater for use in toilet flushing, and captures additional runoff for manual watering of gardens.  In 2017, we began a robust assessment of the amount of water we use in manufacturing with a goal of reducing unnecessary water use in the production of biologic medicines.


We continue to search for ways to move our waste streams “up the waste hierarchy” to the most environmentally-preferable manner of disposition.  Not only do we recycle typical items such as paper, cardboard, bottles and cans, glass, used oil and yard debris, we also recycle ink cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, self-serve coffee machine packets, cafeteria grease, electronics, and nearly all construction debris.   We have established routes of re-use for items such as furniture, office supplies, laboratory equipment, pallets, and drums.  We donate unserved cafeteria food to our neighbors through Nourish Now.  We have a mechanism for our scientist to share chemicals rather than buying excess.  We contract recyclers who reprocess our waste directly into a usable product, such as composting our food prep, plates, cups and utensils from our ZeroWaste café.  Starting in 2017, we partnered with Triumvirate to reprocess our laboratory plastics and biohazardous laboratory waste into plastic lumber through their “Red2Green” program.  Each year we assess our waste streams for additional opportunities for source reduction, re-use, and recycling.   Since 2015, we have improved our recycling rate by 10%. 

New Construction and Renovations

Sustainability is a consideration in every construction and renovation project on our campus. The site Sustainability Manager is involved in planning and status meetings. Major construction projects are designed to US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold or better.  Our newest building, a Childcare Center opened in late 2017, has submitted for LEED Platinum certification.   Renovation projects include high efficiency LED lighting and occupancy sensors for all office areas, conference rooms, open areas, and garages; automated window shades are used in key areas to provide sun or shade as needed to moderate temperature; low-flow fixtures

Employee Engagement

It takes conscious effort from every employee to achieve our sustainability goals, so we leverage multiple channels of communication to reach them.  In addition to new hire training, we communicate our goals, progress, and programs to all campus employees through our company-wide social network Chatter, frequent articles on our intranet portal Nucleus, a prominent and dynamic Sustainability Wall in our cafeteria, and pertinent site operations email communications.  Our Green Team members represent all parts of the campus and can act as Sustainability ambassadors in their work areas.  The Sustainability Manager works with the Green Team to coordinate events at Earth Week and throughout the year to increase employee awareness of our Sustainability goals.

IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions is a full-service firm, specializing in communications and health information technology. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people—especially those in need. Our approach involves working across all content and skill areas and providing our expertise to empower organizations with the knowledge and resources they need to improve lives. Our passion for the people we serve compels us to deliver the right solutions to the right people at the right time.  IQ Solutions provides innovative ideas and solutions to our clients, based on five core values that DRIVE our work: Dedication, Respect, Innovation, Vision and Excellence.

Our Environmental Commitment 

IQ Solutions seeks to establish and sustain a positive environmental footprint not only for the company, but indeed for our larger global community. In doing so, IQ Solutions is committed to minimizing its overall impact on the environment while encouraging and fostering environmentally responsible behavior on the part of our employees, guests, and business associates.

Specifically, IQ Solutions aims to conserve water, energy, and ecosystems; to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; to minimize waste; and to inspire consciousness in support of environmental sustainability. The company also seeks to identify, measure, and understand the direct and indirect impact of its operations, and develop innovative and realistic solutions for mitigating those impacts.

Finally, the company is committed to communicating regularly its progress in implementing the policies and achieving the targets that it has established, to comply with, and in some cases exceeds expectations with regard to environmental laws and regulations.


Focus Areas


It is our practice to minimize waste in our operations and business activities. Dispose of waste conscientiously and creatively by making “reduce/reuse/recycle” the standard operating procedure. Incorporate waste reduction into the design of products, programs, and facilities. Reduce waste through innovative product development, supply chain management, and end-of-life recycling. We strive to make sure:

  • All reusable materials are reused, and anything that can be recycled is recycled.
  • There are multiple containers throughout the office for paper and comingled, recycled items. Paper is shredded, and a conscious effort is made to purchase only recycled office materials and supplies.
  • Employees’ recycling bins are emptied, and paper is shredded.
  • Staff members are encouraged to select electronic or alternate mediums of communication to conserve paper. Forms, letters, and invoices, etc., are sent and approved electronically.
  • Interoffice messages are completed through the HUD (chat system), and wav files through emails.
  • Interoffice mail is distributed through interoffice mail envelopes circulated for reuse.
  • No phonebooks are needed and all 411 information is accessed through the Internet. Directions are sent electronically to PDAs.
  • All “junk mail” companies are contacted on a daily basis and asked to email any advertisements, promotions, catalogs, and correspondence to a dedicated email account.
  • Company communications and employee-related announcements are securely communicated electronically.
  • IQ provides dishes, mugs, and silverware to staff. These items can be washed and reused, in place of disposable materials.
  • Inventory is managed on computer spreadsheets. Double-sided copies are printed with “no cartridge” solid ink on 100% recycled paper. Depreciated electronics and old furniture are donated to charity.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs are picked up by building management and properly disposed of.  Energy-saving lights and electronic equipment are utilized at all times.
  • A Montgomery County business recycling form is completed annually to aid in monitoring and reducing waste by the Property Management.
  • Recycling is promoted in all employee kitchens and lounges. Staff members are encouraged to turn off lights when leaving the room, to turn off running water when not in use, and to adjust office window blinds to block direct sunlight during summer months to minimize burden on air-conditioning units.


We are committed to procuring environmentally sustainable products, materials, supplies, and electronic equipment, while managing energy consumption. We also examine our supply chain to achieve improvements and long-term sustainability in all our purchasing activities. Our purchasing standards are as follows:

  • Recycled paper (100% post-consumer stock) is used with our printers, and toners are made with “no cartridge” solid ink.
  • Paper towels, facial tissue, and bathroom tissue are made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Only sustainable materials are used during remodeling, and no VOC paints are used.
  • Materials are purchased from local businesses when available.
  • Water filtration systems are installed on separate taps in all kitchens.
  • Aerosols are never used


Our goal is to help reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by identifying the sources and implementing solutions, such as source elimination and efficiency improvement. In addition, we minimize transportation and other fuels, and increase the use of clean fuels with our fleet. Our daily efforts, therefore, are centered on reducing our carbon footprint by following these and many other steps.

  • By subscribing to AirAlerts by Clean Air Partners, a service offered through Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, we receive timely air-quality forecast information and follow simple, voluntary actions to reduce air pollution. In this way, we make a difference in our region’s air quality.
  • Trash and recycled materials are picked up and properly disposed of daily by maintenance personnel in our building.
  • All deliveries and supplies are stored indoors.
  • All lighting has been changed to energy efficient, electronic ballasts and #T8F32 bulbs.
  • Rechargeable batteries are used in all battery-operated electronic devices.
  • Promotional materials are sent electronically.
  • We utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Staff members work remotely, save on gas, and contribute toward reducing air pollution in our area.


Our goal is to improve water and energy efficiencies in existing operations. Invest in new technologies and systems that enhance water and energy conservation. Include water and energy management as an integral part of planning for the future to reduce the consumption of water and energy. Below are some of the steps we have taken thus far.

  • Computer Monitors, printers/copiers and fax machines are Energy Star Rated.
  • Refrigerators are set to 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Water filtration systems have replaced water coolers in all of our employee lounges.
  • “Smart” power strips are installed on computer stations to reduce the amount of “phantom” power loads generated by our equipment.
  • All lights are turned off when not in use, and most lights are kept off during business hours.
  • All windows are sealed.
  • All lighting is energy efficient, electronic ballasts and #T8F32 bulbs.
  • HVAC unit maintenance is scheduled on a regular basis.
  • Personal heater units are not permitted.
  • Air-conditioning systems have been optimized for efficiency.
  • Regular plumbing maintenance is conducted and faucets are regularly checked for leaks.
  • Plants are equipped with “water sticks” in order to reduce the need for additional watering.


It is our mission to educate and encourage staff members to be aware of our environmental footprint, and how it impacts the world around us. As part of this mission, we provide environmentally friendly transportation options and proactive cost-saving solutions that include remote work, and we encourage staff to take full advantage of these alternate transportation methods.

  • IQ Solutions has a designated Transportation Benefits Coordinator who partners with the Montgomery Transportation Department to ensure that all staff members are aware of the various programs that are offered to employees who take public transportation to work.
  • We are actively participating in the SmartBenefits Program and currently have 36 employees enrolled in that program.
  • We currently offer $75 per month to all part-time employees who take public transportation to work and $125 per month to all full-time employees who take public transportation to work. The nearest metro station is only one block from our offices.
  • We also have a separate “Remote Work Policy,” which allows employees to work remotely for up to 3 days per week. As an incentive, IQ Solutions gives each 3-day remote employee a one-time $125 payment for equipment setup at home and a semimonthly Internet allowance of $22.50.
  • IQ Solutions conducts numerous meetings and webinars via teleconference to eliminate remote employees from having to come to the office for these activities.
  • Employees are encouraged to bike to work, and the building provides bike stations for those employees who wish to do so. For added security, employees may park their bikes in the back of our office suites.
  • When staff members are on travel, it is company policy to book environmentally friendly hotels (usually Kimpton Hotel Group). We also book hotels within walking distance of the meeting locations to eliminate the need for other forms of transportation.
  • IQ Solutions submits the annual Traffic Mitigation Plan Report online. We also have displays in our employee lounges, which provide transit, commuter, and Guaranteed Ride Home Program information.

 With this environmental policy statement, our goal is to engage and inspire employees, guests, viewers, interested parties, and business associates to make a positive impact on our environment. Through sustainable environmental considerations and decision-making, we hope to promote practices that conserve natural resources, and improve public health and the quality of our work environment.