Savenia Labs

Savenia Labs is an independent testing laboratory and information services company that provides energy and environmental impact ratings for popular appliances, electrical products and homes. We produce information labels and ratings so individuals and businesses can choose energy saving and environmentally friendly alternatives while shopping.  Below is a list of actions, policies and principles which demonstrate our strong, proactive approach to environmental management.

Environmental Policy Statement

Our Environmental Policy consists of 10 principles which we commit to uphold;

  • To meet or exceed all local, state & federal environmental regulations applying to any business segment in which we operate.
  • To seek external audits, certifications where feasible to independently verify our environmental performance vs. standards and peer groups in a transparent manner.
  • To produce an annual environmental impact report and action plan
  • To continuously monitor, evaluate and improve the environmental impact of all of our operations.
  • To inform suppliers of our environmental policy and priorities, assist them in reducing their impact and evaluate supplier environmental performance as part of our procurement process.
  • To aggressively respond to any environmental distress resulting from an operational malfunction.
  • To educate and empower employees to implement our environmental policies and objectives on a daily basis.
  • To dedicate sufficient senior management attention to environmental policy implementation, compliance and improvement activities.
  • To participate in community based environmental awareness activities in the communities where we operate.
  • To take a leading role in informing the public, manufacturers and the government about environmental issues of interest and the need for transparency with regard to the environmental impacts of products and services.

Annual Environmental Goals

In 2015, we plan to take the following actions to mitigate and improve our environmental impact;

  1. Calculate and reduce Savenia Labs’ carbon footprint for 2015 – scaled up to accommodate likely emissions of 3 employees. Then offset the remaining emissions with third‐party certified, US‐based carbon offsets. Our operational preference is to reduce actual carbon emissions before offsetting.
  2. Purchase 100% of our electricity from wind powered sources. We intend to purchase third‐party certified Renewable Energy Certificates to account for all of our electricity usage at all facilities and to achieve membership in EPA’s Green Power Partnership.
  3. Inform suppliers and consultants of our environmental policy and priorities, and include the requirement for conformance with these policies and priorities in any new supplier contracts.
  4. Maintain B Lab certification for Savenia Labs in 2015.
  5. Replace vehicle used on company business with more fuel‐efficient alternative.
  6. Minimize business travel by utilizing technological solutions.

Environmentally Preferable Products and Services

Savenia Home ‐ Savenia helps homeowners, Realtors, builders and renovators unlock the value of home efficiency upgrades: Solar, High Efficiency Appliances, HVAC, Lighting, Water Heating and more. Savenia provides home sellers with customized Home Rating Labels, marketing materials and online marketing to differentiate, sell faster, and capture the full value of homes for sale. The net impact is to encourage homeowners, builders, and renovators to improve the efficiency of their homes, saving energy, money, and the environment.

Savenia Retail – Savenia helps appliance and electronics retailers expand sales, margin, customer satisfaction and sustainability with in‐store energy rating labels and marketing materials. Customers viewing Savenia Labels choose more efficient, often more expensive items that save money over the product lifetime – a win‐win‐win for customer, retailer and forward thinking manufacturers.

Savenia Enterprise – Savenia helps large enterprises reduce utility expenditure and environmental impact through smarter procurement on appliances and electronic items. Savenia provides online access to a proprietary database of energy use, water use and environmental impact information on popular appliances and electrics. With this information and associated communication tools, enterprises can benchmark, track, communicate and drive sustainable procurement across the organization.

Savenia also conducts groundbreaking research into US regional water pricing and water using appliances, and provides the first and only ‘Hydro’ (energy + water) rating labels for water using appliances in the United States. We publish details from our research and participate in public forums to educate buyers on the importance of water conservation.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Savenia Labs is committed to operate in an environmentally, ethically and socially responsible manner. This commitment includes maintaining safe facilities and operations and providing goods and services that are safe and minimize environmental burdens throughout their life cycle. Our suppliers play a key role in this commitment, and we expect suppliers to commit to these principles and in addition to pass these expectations down to their suppliers to ensure conformance through the supply chain.

  • All vendors and suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the conduct of their business with Savenia Labs.
  • Savenia Labs will include a strong preference for superior environmental performance of suppliers when making purchasing decisions. We will give preference and encourage suppliers to source locally, to annually map their environmental footprint and to have a plan in place to address these issues for the firm and its major suppliers.
  • All suppliers have an equal opportunity to compete for services issued by Savenia Labs regardless of race, color, sex or national origin. We actively pursue opportunities to source from local, woman‐owned and minority‐owned businesses, small disadvantaged, veteran, service disabled veterans, Hubzone and 8a businesses.
  • Savenia Labs prefers to deal with local and independently owned suppliers of goods and services when availability, price and performance are considered equivalent. We realize that price does not always reflect the total cost (including environmental costs) of a product or service and strive to include these additional aspects in our assessment. 

Independently‐Audited Environmental Management System

Savenia has been a Certified Benefit Corporation since 2011, independently audited and verified by B Corporation.

Solid Waste Reduction and Reuse

We minimize printing of documents and e‐mails. We look for opportunities to eliminate paperwork and switch to electronic format when we can. We employ double‐sided copying and printing. We reduce unwanted and duplicate mailings. We use reusable items (e.g. kitchenware for office meetings). We buy products in bulk to reduce packaging.


We recycle mixed paper (including cardboard), cans, bottles, plastic, glass, toner/ink cartridges and electronic and computer equipment. We also have access to a compost collector in our office. Our office furniture is recycled or second‐hand. The majority of the materials used for our office operations come from recycled/sustainable input materials.

Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction

We use unbleached/chlorine free paper products as well as organic or sustainable kitchen products. We also use soy‐based inks or other low VOC inks.

Energy Efficiency

Savenia Labs currently resides in the Bethesda Green office space, an accredited green facility. Some of the measures that have been taken to improve the energy efficiency of our office space are included below.

We use ENERGY STAR labeled office equipment as well as an ENERGY STAR labeled water cooler in the common area.

Our office space has an abundance of natural light resulting in reduced energy costs for lighting. We also use energy efficient LED bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs. We use lighting controls such as occupancy sensors and arrange workspace to take advantage of areas of natural light.

Renewable Energy

Savenia Labs has purchased Renewable Energy Credits to account for 100% of our electricity usage. This has qualified us for EPA’s Green Power Partnership.

Our purchase of 5 RECs helps us cut our carbon footprint while supporting renewable energy production. If we assume that the 5 megawatt hours of electricity that we’re supporting with our purchase displaces energy production from the regular grid, our purchase helps avoid 4.045 metric tons of greenhouse gases in the RFC electricity grid region (Maryland’s region). That’s equivalent to planting 104 seedlings for 10 years, eliminating 1.4 tons of waste from a landfill, or taking an average American car off the road for 9 months.

Furthermore, we purchase third‐party certified carbon offset credits to offset the rest of our carbon footprint – 10 metric tons from Terrapass for 2014. The climate impact of that activity is equivalent to taking 2 cars off the road for a year, the amount of CO2 sequestered by 2.1 acres of pine trees in a year, or not burning over 1,100 gallons of gasoline.

We try to minimize our carbon footprint while supporting clean renewable energy production domestically. Our purchase of RECs and third‐party certified carbon offset credits helps us accomplish that goal in a transparent, measurable way.

Efficient Business Travel

Since Savenia Labs works largely with local vendors, suppliers, and service providers – we able to minimize travelling by air. We travel to business meetings in the DC area primarily by public transportation.


Winner of the 2014 US Department of Energy’s ‘SunShot’ Catalyst Competition for Business Innovation. The award recognizes Savenia Solar Ratings, the label developed to help home sellers and buyers more easily understand the monetary value of a home’s solar system.
Profile Updated January 2015

KOL Foods

Based in Silver Spring, MD, KOL Foods balances modern and traditional values. Before it was established in 2008, there was no meat that was healthy, sustainable and from farms, not factories in the kosher market. KOL Foods tells its meat’s true story. We value people and planet. Our goal is to provide honest, healthy, humane, sustainable and delicious kosher meat. Our food connects people to tradition, to the land, to a sustainable future and to good health for friends and family.

We are a kosher farmers’ market and provide quality meat, poultry and fish you know and trust and ship nationwide.  Our animals are beyond grass-fed: they meet the highest standard of the American Grass-fed Association. We never compromise on quality, our 100% grass-fed standard, or the fair wages we pay employees and farmers. Our products cost more, but they are worth it. Our standards:

  • Grass-fed and organic-fed
  • No GMOs or animal by-products
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones or arsenic
  • No chemical pesticide use
  • No feedlots: our animals never see the inside of a barn
  • Pasture-raised on small, traditional family owned farms and ranches

Our poultry is beyond organic and free range: it is 100% pastured and organic-fed. Other folks might be USDA Organic, but does this really meet your expectations? USDA Organic poultry comes from birds that are almost always raised on confinement and are fed solely gran (corn and soy). Our poultry roam freely, eat what they choose and grow at their natural pace, enjoying a variety of food, beautiful views and fresh air.

Our beef and lamb are beyond pastured: they are 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished. 95% of US cattle are raised for the first part of their lives on pasture and then fattened on grain in feedlots. That is conventional meat. 100% grass-fed meat’s popularity is well deserved for its significant health, welfare and sustainability benefits. Those benefits are completely lost when an animal is grain-finished.

To keep the KOL Foods' office's carbon footprint at a minimal, KOL Foods operates out of a LEED (green) Certified building that uses ground source heating and cooling, has a green roof and many other sustainable features. To top it off, we use Energy Star appliances and the electricity that we do use comes from wind power. Plus, one of the slaughterhouses that we use converts it's waste to bio-diesel for it's trucks. Even the bank that we use (TD Bank) is carbon neutral as of February 2010!

Please visit our website to learn more or to order:


Green Plate Catering

Green Plate Catering started as Kit’s Catering, a Vegetarian brown-bag lunch service delivered by Owner and entrepreneur, Kit Wood. Kit and her business have come a long way over the years. She has been serving the DC Metro area since 1983, while continuing to offer special diets menus and accommodations. She renamed her growing business, Green Plate Catering in honor of her commitment to local, seasonal, sustainable, and organic food sourcing and ingredients & practices. Today, Green Plate Catering is a full service catering company, serving prepared “Good to Go” foods for local markets to fully staffed social, weddings and business events. Their focus remains on providing their customers with delicious healthy meals that are good for you, and good for the Earth.
Here are a few Green Plate Catering “green” practices:

  • Green Plate Catering is an early member of the Green America Gold Certification Program
  • Green Plate Catering believes every great dish begins with local, seasonal ingredients. We partner with local farmers and produce co-ops to bring the freshest harvest of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to our customers.  This greatly eliminates the dependency on petro use as well as invests in our local farming communities.   We use our purchasing power & encourage our local small farmers to grow pesticide free and specialty products.
  • GPC specializes in vegan and vegetarian fare.  Plant based diets are beneficial to our health and our planet. 
  • GPC consults the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and contracts with area farms where the livestock and poultry eat a species-appropriate diet and live in pastured environments. Overconsumption of meat has a huge impact on natural resources, making land and water more scarce.  In 2005 Our level of meat consumption in the US was 279 lbs  per person per year on average.  GPC offers varied plant based menus so our clients may consume responsibley.
  • GPC purchases organic dry goods/grains/spices/etc. in bulk to eliminate packaging waste. 
  • GPC crafts artisanal organic baked goods in their Wheaton kitchen so no preservatives or packaging waste. 
  • Green Plate Catering chooses not to use well known ingredients, such as agave nectar, due to environmental concerns.  
  • GPC purchases only Fair Trade Organic Coffee from a local roasters
  • GPC is committed to building a sustainable future for everyone by using renewable power, supporting local green jobs that cannot be outsourced and fighting pollution, GMO’s and climate change.
  • GPC employs an array of green practices such as composting non-animal bio-waste (95% overall)  to a local composting program.  They recycle or compost over 87% of their total waste by weight.
  • GPC’s emphasis on non-disposable, compostable, and recyclable dishware carries through to the preparation and packaging of every recipe produced in their kitchen. Green Plate Catering creates satisfying events with a responsible carbon-footprint
  • GPC Recently upgraded Refrigeration and is taking advantage of PEPCO’s energy saving program to upgrade remaining refrigeration & lighting.
  • Owner/ employees live within 10 mile radius of GPC commercial kitchen and chef walks to work…

In addition to their green practices, Green Plate Catering believes it is also important to connect with its’ community. They regularly “give back” with donations, including food to local shelters, composting programs and with their time and presence advocating for healthful foods and environmental causes. Kit speaks within the community, not only on the importance of organic natural ingredients, but her story on becoming a successful green business without sacrificing her high standards.
For more information visit their website,, today.


Caplan Communications LLC

Caplan Communications is a full-service Washington-DC area agency that develops strategy, targeted traction and legislative results. We position high-profile issues toward key audiences and desired press results. 

We generate a profound degree of news value. For 11 years, Caplan has worked at the vanguard of issues advocacy by networking with print and broadcast journalists and digital media. We prompt clear calls to action about sustainability, environmental protection, public health, resources management and proper stewardship of America’s wildlife, public lands, and waterways. 

Aric Caplan, president

Alaska Wilderness League
American Lung Association
American Rivers
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Defenders of Wildlife
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Entrepreneurs
Evangelical Environmental Network
Friends of the Earth
Greenpeace USA
Hip Hop Caucus
League of Conservation Voters
National Geographic Society
National Parks Conservation Association
Natural Resources Defense Council
National Wildlife Federation
North Carolina Environmental Network 
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Sierra Club
Union of Concerned Scientists
The Wilderness Society


Green Earth Travel LLC

Seasoned world traveler Donna Zeigfinger founded Green Earth Travel in 1997 with one mission in mind: to provide a wide range of travel options for people who crave adventure and care about the planet. Since then, the company has remained on the cutting edge of conscientious traveling and become the nation’s premiere vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency.

Green Earth Travel lives up to its name by booking tours that promote sustainability, biodiversity and leaving a light footprint on the planet. Donna uses her own eco-travel experiences to meticulously plan each vacation package and turn fantasy vacations into reality. She specializes in creating customized Volunteer Vacation  and Adventure Travel packages for groups, individuals, couples and families. The main green practice to promote vegan tours and packages that do not include any animal agriculture.

Donna Zeigfinger is a member of the International Eco Tourism Society

You can also check your carbon footprint on our calculator with Sustainable Travel International. You can offset the costs by purchasing credits. Some of the projects would be-
International Reforestation Projects

Projects to recreate critical forests and provide incentives to protect critical forest land and avoid the cutting of trees. Projects are designed using the standards set forth by the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance (
U.S. Renewable Energy Projects
Renewable energy projects such as wind farms that are used to generate clean energy in the western U.S. Bonneville Environmental foundation provides STI with Green-e certified (, 100% renewable Carbon Offsets for this program.
Gold Standard Projects
Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects are inspected and validated by Clean Development Mechanism accredited Designated Operational Entities including The Gold Standard (
Combination of several offset Projects
(calculated based on 25% Gold Standard, 25% U.S. Renewable Energy Projects, 50% International Reforestation Projects)
Donna doesn’t do cheap cookie-cutter vacations. Instead, she consults with each prospective client to identify exactly what they want to get out of their trip, and then helps people choose from a menu of options. After that, she makes all the arrangements – taking the stress and worry of pre-trip preparation completely off of her clients’ shoulders. The personal touch Donna brings to vacation planning, as well as her attention to detail and outstanding customer relations, are all part of what make Green Earth Travel’s signature travel services special.


Amicus Green Building Center

The Amicus Green Building Center is a home improvement store & design center offering products and expertise that create fresh spaces—fresh designs, fresh air and water, and a fresh take on what our buildings can do for us.

We follow the credo "do well by doing good" and subscribe to the principles of The Triple Bottom Line, where we work to maximize three profit metrics: financial, environmental (the protection and development of natural resources and assets), and civic/social.

We strive to walk the walk to become a truly sustainable company in all facets of our operations. Highlights of our activities include:

  • 100% of our electricity is provided by wind power
  • All electronics have energy saving sleep modes activated, and computers and peripherals are turned off after hours
  • All lighting is energy saving LEDs and flourescents
  • We reuse boxes and shipping cartons for customer use (to minimize use of disposable shopping bags) and shipping out products
  • We upcycle or give away pallets to avoid landfilling
  • We recycle paper, plastics, and metals
  • All office paper is 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC-Certified. Envelopes and other paper are also high-recycled content
  • Even our register receipt paper is FSC-Certified and BPA-free (most thermal receipts have BPA, which can rub off on your hands)
  • We use duplex to print double-sided whenever feasible
  • We prefer electronic communications over paper communications when feasible
  • We use ceramic mugs and plates to minimize use of disposables
  • We volunteer time and expertise in the community
  • We are constantly striving to improve our operations and impacts

The Fehlig Group

The Fehlig Group is dedicated to supporting the work of businesses of all sizes to be successful and grow with their values by embracing responsible practices. Since 1993, The Fehlig Group consultants have been helping companies develop comprehensive corporate responsibility strategies. The Fehlig Group assists companies in the areas of strategic community involvement, environmental impact, workplace practices, and stakeholder engagement. TFG consulting clients range in size from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses and represent a broad range of industries.
The Fehlig Group approach combines deep knowledge of the corporate responsibility field with a commitment to understanding the unique situation of each business. 

For over twenty years, The Fehlig Group has observed and supported businesses striving to combine their values and business practices. Issues of interest change frequently, and are impacted by factors including economic climate, competitive environment, and customer demand. But the need to define and leverage responsible business practices is constant.

Members of TFG consulting team represent an extensive array of functional and industry expertise. After an initial assessment to better understand your unique situation, we pull together the capabilities your company needs. We have created a bank of resources to help identify, implement, and communicate your responsible business practices.

TFG consultant competencies range from assessment and evaluation, to public relations and corporate communication… from organizational development and diversity training, to video design and production…and from medical and environmental technical writing, to facilitation and team-building methodologies. Before TFG, these consultants worked as journalists, lawyers, strategy advisors, communications specialists, non-profit leaders, corporate sales managers, and federal government employees. This diverse and nimble team is ready to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by your company.

As a small business our greatest contribution to preserving the environment is our work with our clients. While we have been helping public corporations disclose their carbon footprint to the CDP global database since 2007 we believe 

that participating in the local environmental programs and partnerships is critical to add credibility and resources to their efforts. 

Our own practices include: 

  • Recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, can, plastic bags
  • Reuse paper
  • Purchasing recycled paper material
  • Joined “Energy Wise Rewards” in 2011
  • Participates in the Pepco Energy Savings Credit (PESC)
  • Teleconference to reach remote clients
  • Donate, recycle (Free Cycle), whenever possible

Village Green Apothecary

Village Green Apothecary is an integrative pharmacy that has served the community with traditional and alternative wellness resources for 50 years. Our expert team includes pharmacists, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and clinical herbalists who can provide customized solutions to optimize your health goals. Our customers have a strong interest in personal health and wellness, and share in our commitment to support sustainability and environmentally responsible efforts.

At Village Green we are committed to making sure our company maintains the lowest possible impact on our planet. We believe that small steps add up, and that everyone can help make a difference. 

  • We are one of few facilities where customers can safely dispose of unwanted and expired drugs using the TakeAway™ Environmental Return System at our store. This is a smart and environmentally responsible way to keep over-the-counter and prescription medications from ending up in the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways. 
  • We purchase 100% wind power to lessen the use of fossil fuels for electricity. 
  • We are a frequent participant in the Green Festival when it is held in Washington, DC.
  • We are a supporting member of Bethesda Green, and proud to be a Green America “Gold” Certified Business.
  • We carry high-quality nutritional supplements and personal care products from companies dedicated to sustainability and safe sourcing including Nordic Naturals, Jarrow Formulas, MegaFood, New Chapter, Bluebonnet, Himalaya, Rainbow Light, Gaia, Dr. Hauschka, and Aubrey Organics.
  • Both our store and our nationwide mail-order service use recycled ink cartridges and recycled paper for printed materials, plus we re-use boxes and packing materials for shipping orders.
  • Our store in Bethesda is furnished with eco-friendly materials and energy saving lighting systems.

Red Coats

Red Coats Inc. was founded in 1960 by current Vice Chairman William F. Peel, and President and Chairman of the Board Barbara K. Peel.  The heart of this Bethesda, Maryland based organization beats in over 5,000 well-trained staff members responsible for providing professional custodial services in approximately 120,000,000 square feet of commercial, residential, mixed use and institutional space throughout the National Capital Region, North Carolina and Florida on a daily basis.

Our LEED® compliant, Green Seal GS-42 certified brand of sustainable cleaning services is called Red Coats Global Care®. The Global Care® Program is rooted in our commitment to purchase and use cleaning products and methods that reduce adverse impacts on public health and the environment.

Our commitment is to offer our clients the best solutions in the practice of Green Cleaning while providing high quality building services. This commitment is integrated with our go-to market strategy.  The Red Coats Global Care® has helped reduce the commercial real estate carbon footprint one property at a time with over 84 LEED-EB certifications.


Executive Building Maintenance, Inc.

EBM, Inc. (Executive Building Maintenance, Inc.), is a GS-42 Green Certified full service janitorial company offering superior office cleaning and general janitorial maintenance to commercial & residential building owners, managers and construction companies in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Currently serving many Class "A" Buildings. We are proud to say we have contracts with some of the most prestigious building owners and management companies in the area.

EBM, Inc. a member of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) was established on 1994. Our CORPORATE POLICY is base on the fact that “We take pride in the buildings that we have contracts with, and maintain them in a way that reflects credit on the managers, owners and ourselves.”

For over 20 years, EBM, Inc. has proven itself as a leader in professional cleaning services. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, our extensive portfolio consists of medical facilities, schools, shopping malls, professional offices, office buildings, industrial complexes and financial institutions. We offer a broad range of services that can be tailored to meet your needs, and our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured to give you the confidence that your job is being handled by qualified personnel.

Our Commitment To Our Clients is evident when our company was awarded the Janitorial Contractor of the BOMA 2003 Toby Awards, when one of our buildings, was awarded The Office Building of The Year, Corporate Facility Category, we understand businesses, we know that the cleanliness of their building is a reflection of our own commitment to quality and professionalism. The success of our company depends on our ability to make our clients' workplaces not only look clean in appearance, but also be healthier environments to work in. Our clients want a janitorial service that does good work and one that is also honest, reliable, and responsive. They want a service that does superior work at affordable rates. We are committed to the fulfilling of our client's green cleaning needs.

The overall goal of “Green Cleaning” is to protect the health and safety of a building’s occupants and workers without harming the environment. This extends well beyond the realm of new products and includes issues related to Indoor Environment Quality, (IEQ), cleanliness, safety, ergonomics and more. Implementing a full Green Cleaning Program takes much more than just switching to certified “green” products.

In an effort to accomplish this, EBM, Inc. has implemented weekly meetings between the Area Manager and the Supervisor of the building. This initiates discussions on cleaning methods and new green products as they arrive on the market. The Supervisor then meets with his employees to discuss any cleaning issues they may have. At that time the employees of EBM, Inc. are instructed on the use of any new “green” cleaning products, and any questions they may have are answered.  The Supervisor monitors the building by walking the floors to insure that the employees are using the green cleaning products correctly. All new employees are given intensive instructions as to the proper use and storage of the green cleaning products that are being used.

The first step in our “Green” Training Program is to educate our Employees so that they understand what is in this method for them. One of our primary goals is a worker friendly cleaning program. Considering what factors will make an employee’s job more effective, faster, simpler, safer and satisfying.

To educate the maintenance staff we concentrate on two (2) main factors:

  • Definition of Green Cleaning.
  • Explaining the Health & Performance benefits to them as users of Green Products.

To explain the Health & Performance Benefits we can concentrate on the following:


  • Teaching metering tips to insure accurate dilution of new products, requiring fewer products to clean the building, reducing product usage.
  • Thoroughly removing soils and bacteria by deep cleaning.
  • Eliminating cross-contamination by constant changing of cleaning solution and rinse water along with complete soil extraction.
  • Specialized floor care program that frees cleaning resources so that they can be applied to other areas of the building.  


  • Instructing employees to remove dust and maintain a dust free environment extends the time between burnishing, stripping and finishing floors. 
  • Minimizing dust as well as chemical exposure will minimize fumes that are released into the atmosphere and will improve the IEQ.


  • This cleaning system improves the effectiveness and productivity of workers, but also protects them from unhealthy exposure to contaminated surfaces and disease transfer points.
  • These systems enable many workers to excel in their job who might otherwise be restricted by a physical condition or age. 
  • These systems are designed to protect workers and occupants from slip-fall injuries and injuries associated with lifting.

At EBM, Inc., our ongoing Training Program concentrates on improving and applying new cleaning systems by conducting surveys to determine the most effective ways to align ourselves with the evolving goals of Green Seal initiatives. We are always looking for new research and implementation of new green products.                 


Helicon Works

Ecologically sensitive architecture and building practices, responding to people and place.

Helicon Works s a virtual collaborative, practicing architecture with a holistic complement of team members, including architects, a structural engineer, landscape architect, renewable energy consultant, building science consultant, lighting designer, even a feng shui consultant.

Each project is a unique exploration, in which we provide a full service: Our greatest asset is our 25 years of experience and an understanding for healthy and mindful living.


Wildlife Habitat Council

The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), 8737 Colesville Road, Suite 800, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 301-588-8994, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-lobbying organization dedicated to increasing the quality and amount of wildlife habitat on corporate, private and public lands. WHC devotes its resources to building partnerships with corporations and conservation groups to create solutions that balance the demands of economic growth with the requirements of a healthy, biodiverse, and sustainable environment.

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Snyder Cohn

Snyder Cohn, 11200 Rockville Pike, Suite 415, No. Bethesda, MD 20852, 301-652-6700, founded in 1927, provides a wide range of accounting services, including compliance, tax, audit, and financial statement services. We have dedicated divisions that specialize in medical practice consulting, retirement plan administration, and outsourced accounting. Our clients include start-up and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as those with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  We have a global reach as the result of our affiliation with BKR International, a worldwide network of top accounting firms. 

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Goodwill Industries International

Goodwill Industries International, 15810 Indianola Drive in Rockville, MD 20855, (800) 741-0186, is the international office for the Goodwill® enterprise. Our network of 165 Goodwill agencies in the U.S. and Canada provides job training, career and community based services to people with disabilities, those who lack education or work experience and others facing challenges to finding employment. 

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DELTA Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors

OKKS Studios, Inc., 2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 820, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 20815, 301-718-0080, provides architectural, programming, planning, and interior design services to government and private institutional clients throughout the US and worldwide. We are committed to working with our clients to provide timely, effective, economical and attractive design solutions.

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Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, 51 Monroe Street, Suite 1800, Rockville, MD 20850, 301-738-0015, is the Voice of Business. It supports its approximately 500 member companies, through advocacy efforts on a wide range of issues impacting businesses, and by providing them with educational programs, business networking events, and other services.

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Maven Group

The Maven Group and its affiliates, 7801 Norfolk Avenue, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814, 301-656-1956, first founded in 1995 by Warren Teitelbaum and Stuart Schooler possesses in-house development expertise in due diligence, underwriting, land use planning and zoning, comprehensive construction management, environmental risk management, structured finance [for real estate and renewable energy systems] and leasing.

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Innovative Business Interiors, Inc.

Innovative Business Interiors, Inc. (IBI), 914 Silver Spring Ave., Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD, 20910, 301-589-1500, has been dedicated to helping the environment ever since opening 20 years ago. IBI provides furniture and design solutions to clients in a variety of industries including: business, education, healthcare and government throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

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All Eco Center

All Eco Center, 2662 University Blvd W. in Wheaton, MD, 20902, 301-949-4326, is an All Green Design Showroom dedicated to helping everyone Go Green! Every home and business has the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly while reducing their carbon footprint but needs resources to help make it happen. We are that resource and take great pride in working with each and every client to achieve healthy results.

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