Dodo Farms


Dodo Farms is a Certified Naturally Grown produce farm located in Brookeville (Montgomery County,) Maryland. Our farm is owned and managed by Niyi Balogun, a very committed and experienced farmer who managed a large commercial farming operation in his home country of Nigeria prior to relocating to the United States of America. Dodo Farms grows and sells a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fresh eggs from pasture raised chickens between May and November every year. Our farming operations are guided by the following 7 core principles and beliefs:


1.      People and their welfare should come before profits. Therefore, we do not engage in any mass production techniques or short cuts that compromise safety and quality.

2.      Food should heal and nourish the body, not hurt, harm or inflame it. Therefore, we do not use GMO seeds, pesticides, toxic synthetic chemical fertilizers, or other harmful substances.

3.      Food is best consumed fresh! So, we harvest our produce as close to market times as possible.

4.      Good food should be affordable. Customers shouldn’t have to make a choice between good and affordable food. We provide this two in one!

5.      Good food should be easily accessible. You can find Dodo Farms produce and eggs at these markets, you may also enjoy the good food we produce by joining our CSA.

6.      We are responsible benefactors of the earth. It gives us so much, so we in turn treat it with care by conducting annual soil testing and restoring fertility with chemical free, natural compost and essential nutrients.

7.      We grow, learn and teach. We are deeply committed to learning from our peers, and agencies committed to sustainable agricultural practices in the State of Maryland. And we in turn educate our customers about health benefits of the foods we grow, and share recipes as well.


We look forward to maintaining your trust and serving the Montgomery county community for many years and even decades to come.

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