Sandy Spring Gardens


Sandy Spring Gardens is a diversified vegetable farm in Ashton, MD offering 50 vegetables on five plots ranging in size from 2000 square feet to 2 acres from May through November.  We also offer seasoned firewood by the half-cord in November and December.

Our products are grown without toxic synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We restore the fertility of the soil by the wholesale addition of compost and targeted applications of micro-nutrients as indicated by annual soil testing. We believe that careful choices of plant varieties and growing practices will produce vegetables with superior flavor and nutrition.

We work with the owners of land in eastern Montgomery County to:

  • Convert lawns and commodity-crop fields into productive vegetable gardens

  • Provide a reliable source of hyper-fresh vegetables to people living nearby

  • Promote sustainable growing practices that restore the health of soil, water, and air

  • Free the local environment of toxic pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers

  • Reduce long-distance transportation of food in favor of a hyper-local food system

  • Employ workers who share the aim of food-system reform

  • Talk about the importance of locally-grown vegetables for the health of the body, the community, the climate, and the earth.

Our harvest is available at three weekly markets and our Farm Office, our Online Store and through the FreshonTable mobile app.