Potomac Valley Organics

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Potomac Valley Organics is a small family farm providing fresh organic salad greens to our local community. We have been Certified Organic since our start in 2011, committed to growing healthy soil, and, in turn, growing healthy greens.

Some of our sustainable practices include using natural inputs such as compost and cover crops to fertilize the soil, never using chemical pesticides or herbicides, implementing passive weed control techniques to reduce soil disturbance and the need for tractor cultivation, and purchasing farm inputs locally when possible to reduce use of fossil fuel.

Not only are we committed to sustainable practices on our farm, we also partner with those who share our values. The wholesale markets who carry our products are just as passionate as we are about improving sustainability and supporting local businesses.

Although we have implemented many practices to increase sustainability on our farm, we are always aiming to improve. Our goals for 2018 include expanding our pollinator habitat for the bees kept here, making bird and owl boxes for the farm’s perimeter, and implementing a no-till practice in some sections on the farm to improve soil structure and reduce fuel use.

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