Biohabitats, which has an office in Rockville, MD, applies the science of ecology to restoring ecosystems, conserving habitat, and regenerating the natural systems that sustain all life on Earth. They do this through assessment, research, planning, design, engineering and construction.

With a mission to restore the Earth and inspire ecological stewardship, Biohabitats is a purpose-driven company that measures success primarily by the degree to which the company enhances biodiversity, ecological democracy, and the resilience of life on this planet.

The firm’s projects help communities to restore degraded ecosystems, plan for the future in ways that enhance ecology and strengthen resilience to climate change, and link the natural world and its powerful systems with the built environment. In doing that work, and in the day-to-day operations of their business, Biohabitats walks the talk of sustainability, transparency, equity, and accountability.

Biohabitats team members are diverse in background and discipline, but unified by a shared set of values: revere wild nature, heal compassionately, practice wholeness, act with uncompromising integrity, and evolve to be the best. We thoroughly review all projects, company operations, and policies to ensure that they align with our core values. Biohabitats is proud to be a certified B Corporation and a member of the growing community of businesses focused on environmental and social responsibility.