ecobeco believes that all homeowners should live in comfortable, efficient, healthy homes.  We are a trusted partner for whole home design that impacts individuals and their families, our community, and the environment in positive ways.

Since 2008, ecobeco has been helping homeowners around the greater Washington DC Metropolitan area with their remodeling needs.  We have completed over 1,000 remodeling projects, and we have performed energy efficiency audits and check-ups for over 50,000 homes and apartments as part of our relationship with Pepco's energy efficiency programs. Our multi-disciplinary team of energy auditors, general contractors, architects and interior designers will create the homes our customers have always wanted.

ecobeco provides Design Build, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Handyman Services. ecobeco is committed to reducing our impact on the environment in all aspects of our operations: in our Rockville offices, satellite facilities, in transportation and fleet vehicles, and on all jobsites, we encourage waste reduction, energy conservation, and greener purchasing choices for our supplies and materials. 

In addition to our practices in the Rockville office / employee environment, we support and participate in community events that have a mission of supporting the education and communication of energy efficiency, green building practices, enhancing indoor air quality, and reducing environmental impact of construction. We also donate services and prizes to various environmentally-focused local organizations when requested, such as One Montgomery Green.

We participate with paid sponsorships for several Community events each year, in addition to accepting ongoing requests from community organizations in our service area for workshops and informational presentations on how homeowners and citizens can help reduce their energy consumption and improve their environmental footprint through simple practical changes. These workshops and additional services are most often held on weekends are in addition to our normal work functions and weekday office hours. 

ecobeco supports and advocates for regional, state, and national environmental policy efforts and participates on the committee level in various capacities including communicating and messaging relevant news and articles via our blog and our many other social media channels. 

Our overall goal is to practice and educate on topics related to “Greening Your Home & Lifestyle” -reduce, reuse, and recycle; giving back to the local community; making better choices each day; striving for continuous improvement in all areas of our individual and business operations, and above all else, to help people create safer, healthier, and greener homes.