Neighborhood Sun

Neighborhood Sun is a socially conscious company focused on customer acquisition and management in the brand new community solar space. Our initial focus is Maryland and Washington, DC, but we are actively exploring other markets as well. Our management team has years of experience in acquiring and managing customers in Maryland and Washington, DC, as well as the credibility necessary to reach out to the environmentally conscious consumers.  Our business model is based on principals consistent with the triple bottom-line (people, planet, profit) as best modeled by the B-Corps business community.  Our core business guiding principles are:

•    Be profitable – Our top priority is to grow the business in order to generate a return to our investors and have a larger impact on the public good. No margin, no mission.
•    Community Engagement – We will actively engage with the communities we serve, in person, and on a deeper level than just traditional marketing.
•    Customer Service – We will strive to provide outstanding customer service beyond the expectations of our customers.
•    Culture is our Brand – Our corporate culture will reflect our brand mission.
•    Operate Sustainably – We are certified as a B-Corps, and strive to consistently be among the top companies in terms of our sustainable operations.

Our central focus is to have a positive social and environmental impact on the communities we serve. We want to change the entire solar energy paradigm, creating new solar communities, not just new solar customers. Community solar offers us the chance as a business to combine the power of clean energy with the power of buying local to create something new and better than our current system.