Gryphon Scientific

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Takoma Park, MD, Gryphon Scientific is a specialized, small business consulting practice consisting of life scientists and health researchers who apply rigorous scientific analysis to problems of global health and homeland security. Our projects drive policy changes in security, preparedness, and science policy at the highest levels of US government. Abroad, we advise governments in the developing world on how to cope with daunting public health challenges. In the commercial sector, we contribute to business strategy for firms focusing on human health and wellness.

As a consulting company, Gryphon primarily relies on literature-based research, interview data collection, and our staff’s rich prior experience in the laboratory, clinical practice, in the field, and in policy shops to tackle projects with complex technical challenges. The backgrounds of our staff enable us to tackle projects with complex technical challenges. Our aim is to improve the health and safety of populations world-wide.

Gryphon Scientific has always been committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable business practices. To this end, Gryphon has developed a comprehensive set of environmental policies and guidelines covering waste reduction and recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy and water use, and transportation and travel. Some highlights of Gryphon’s green policies are:

  • Creation of green purchasing criteria and a preferred green vendor list
  • Frequent use of videoconferencing for business and recruitment activities to reduce travel
  • Use of energy efficient appliances and equipment with energy-saving features
  • Encouraging alternative modes of transportation for employees by providing Metro SmartBenefits for public transportation, shower facilities for cycling or walking to work, and car-sharing services for local business travel.
  • Reduction of paper use through electronic file sharing, double-sided printing, and waste paper reuse