Donation Nation

Residential or commercial, Donation Nation provides a no-landfill waste solution for all removal needs. From donations, recycling, and junk removal, Donation Nation delivers an expedient service for all donors who need to remove excess items fast. Donors do not need to package anything, for we do all the work for them, just point and items vanish into blue and green containers.

Customers pay for our service due to our unique removal process and our innovative redistribution and processing programs. Donation Nation charges each customer per volume of space in the step van that their items take up. We are the only removal service in the state of Maryland, which offers our donors a tax-deductible receipt for our service rendered plus the fair market value of their items, an incentive to be environmentally conscious.

In 2013, Charles M Bailey, the founder and President of Donation Nation Inc., became the first and only non-profit removal service within the State of Maryland; a removal service that was environmentally conscious of where its supply of household and commercial items go.

With our core values in place, our organization developed its mission to reduce our counties’ carbon footprint by redistributing economic and tangible resources to benefit and grow our non-profit infrastructure. A mission to reduce poverty, becoming an organization that brings a holistic approach to bring stability and dignity to our most vulnerable neighbors, with a green solution. 

 Using our supply from our removal service, all household and commercial items are redistributed to our 14 non-profit different partners, for free!

  • A Wider Circle    
  • Identity Youth
  • Digital Bridge
  • Stepping Stone
  • Liberties Promised
  • Equipment Connections for kids
  • ECDC 
  • Gaithersburg Community Services
  • Comfort Cases
  • Pathways to Housing DC
  • Interfaith Works
  • Montgomery Coalition for the Homeless
  • Habitat for Humanity (Restore)
  • Non-Profit Montgomery

Here are a few of Donation Nation Inc.’s practices:

  • Donation Nation Inc. is fundamentally a recycling program
    • 64.37-70% diversion rate
    • 35.64% Incineration rate
    • 0% Landfill
  • Donation Nation Inc. takes everything, no matter the quality, for we have the practices and processes in place to redistribute and recycle our entire supply!
  • Donation Nation Inc. believes that to reduce our regions carbon footprint, we must find different avenues of redistributing our communities excess items.
    • 14 Different non-profit partners, 14 different pathways of distribution, 14 various missions, not including our fundraising sales program as a pathway of redistribution
    • Items that are not, or cannot be donated to a non-profit are put into a fundraising sales program, where it is redistributed to our community at low prices.
    • All Non-profit partners receive a supply of quality household and commercial items for FREE, without any limitation to quantity or frequency! Thus expediting the process of furnishing a home of an individual or family transitioning from shelters to transitional housing!
  • Processing our entire supply for quality and utility
    • Our entire amount collected from our community is processed, meaning that we go through every single item donated, and make sure that all items donated maintain a high quality standard!
    • Chemicals are separated, and taken to Montgomery County Eco-Wise Program
      • We are the only removal service that accepts household chemicals.
      • Chemicals are separated based on content, and are disposed of safely and correctly!
    • Quality items are set aside for donation
    • Poor quality items
      • If an object is denied by a non-profit, it is put into our fundraising program, and or put up for free on social media.
      • The Resource Recovery Facility incinerates items that are contaminated by a rodent(s), smoke, or any contaminants.
      • Zero percent of our supply is sent to a landfill.
  • Tax Deductible Service
    • Donation Nation is the only removal service in the state of Maryland that offers a deductible receipt for Services rendered + Fair Market Value for choosing to be environmentally conscious with your excess items.
  • Donating Made Easy
    • Donation Nation Inc. believes that if we can make donating household and commercial items easy, we will attract more individuals and businesses to go green! No longer do our donors have to do the donation dance of figuring out which non-profits accept certain items, we do that for them! Donate everything, and we will find a home for it!