Bell Nursery

Bell Nursery USA started in Burtonsville, MD and is a leading supplier of flowering and tropical plants to The Home Depot in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware as well as parts of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  With 6 production locations and 5 distribution centers, Bell focuses on providing locally grown product with an emphasis on quality and value for the customer. Bell utilizes a unique model of network growers across Maryland and Delaware that is made up of over 30 farm families that grow plants and flowers exclusively for Bell and The Home Depot.

Being a part of the original green industry, we continue to explore ways to further enhance our commitment to the environment and communities in which we work.

o   A certification focused on the agriculture community, Veriflora Sustainably Grown products meet the highest standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Producers of Certified Sustainably Grown crops work diligently to provide a safe and healthy work environment, support farm and urban communities, and protect vital environmental resources such as clean air, clean water, and wildlife habitat, while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

  • Nearly 3 million pounds of recycled material over 5 years

o   Starting in 2011, Bell partnered with The Home Depot to host a location in each store that customers could utilize to return used pots, trays, planters, and other products after their gardening was done.

o   This material returned from the store is sorted and baled or palletized and recycled with industry partners. 

o   The majority of recyclable plastic is returned to one of our suppliers that regrinds the plastic and makes a carry tray for pots out of 100% recycled plastic. Bell has committed to exclusive use of this tray in their perennial production. This completes the cycle – the flower pot or hanging basket had been returned to The Home Depot to be recycled finds new use as a carry tray for plants the following season.

  • Conversion to renewable energy

o   For 3 years the Burtonsville, MD and Elkridge, MD locations have been operating on 100% wind power purchased from the national grid. The net effect of this conversion has the equivalent effect of removing 200 cars from the road annually or not consuming over 100,000 gallons of gasoline.


These are just a few examples of Bell’s commitment to sustainability, to learn more about Bell Nursery please visit