Raffa is a B-Corp certified, national Top 100, “Best of the Best” CPA advisory firm dedicated to helping great organizations thrive. Providing professional services in audit, accounting and tax, human resources, technology and consulting, Raffa helps hundreds of nonprofits and social enterprises, across the country, effectively and efficiently, manage their most critical processes.

As Raffa companies have grown and expanded over 30+ years to include multiple offices, affiliates and welcome more than 300 employees, the firm has proactively deepened its commitment to environmental sustainability, pursuing broader strategies and devoting greater resources to help us minimize our environmental impact. As part of an industry that is resource intensive and heavily reliant on technology, face to face interaction and communications, and now, with three offices in Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, MD, Raffa knows its vitally important to deeply educate ourselves around green operations and business practices and mandate and institute environmental responsibility consistently across the enterprise.

Raffa’s mission to be a catalyst for positive systemic change necessitates that our operational procedures and environmental practices be well aligned with our brand promise to DO MORE. Whereas the company has always been naturally adept at championing social impact, our environmental sustainability is a work in progress. As we proactively evaluate and work to improve our facilities, services, operations and suppliers, B Corp standards are helping us become more attuned to best practices, and we’re working diligently to expedite the learning curve and further minimize our environmental impact each year.

Raffa understands that its purchasing decisions reflect the values of the company. Our policy to look beyond just cost to consider the societal and environmental benefits of our choices. When making purchases we will consider who we are buying from and what we are buying giving preference to companies that are women, minority or veteran owned and products that have less of an impact on the environment (e.g., reusables over disposables and recycled content over virgin materials) or their production generates a positive social impact, wherever possible. This policy extends to Raffa's purchasing for construction, carpets, cleaning supplies, electronics, food, meetings, office supplies, and paper.

Currently, we are in the process of defining and setting enterprise goals to help us reduce and eliminate waste, achieve new levels of efficiency in energy consumption and decrease our water usage and carbon footprint. To reduce our carbon footprint, the firm is consolidating our three offices into two and currently targeting for LEED Silver in our headquarter facility. Project decisions are being carefully weighed across a LEED Responsibility Matrix with steps being taken to positively impact our environmental scorecard at every turn.

As part of our B Corp recertification process this year, Raffa enlisted the support of sustainability experts to help us develop sound environmental policies and measure our high level impact. Post certification, we are continuing to work with these experts to build out a baseline, set actionable targets, and develop an environmental sustainability plan to compliment our social sustainability plan. Here are some examples of strides Raffa has taken/implemented toward environmental sustainability in recent years:

  • Base headquarter building, LEED Certified
  • Energy conservation/efficiency measures such as Energy Star Qualified Equipment/ Energy Efficient Lighting and HVAC/Programmable Thermostats/Timers/Occupancy Sensors
  • Company-wide recycling program
  • Low-flow water conservation methods ( ie. low flow faucets/taps, toilets, urinals) 
  • Environmentally preferred  purchasing policy for all products
  • Paperless communications policy
  • Recycled/sustainable office supplies
  • Reusable/compostable catering events policy  
  • Liberal work at home/remote office policy
  • Horizontal green committee established to monitor, report and advise on practices
  • Purchasing from other B Corps
  • Default double sided printing on printers and copiers and discouraging printing of documents
  • Bicycle storage
  • Transit benefits program offering for manager and above
  • Donations of used computer systems to nonprofits
  • eWaste recycling