Your MD, LLC

At Your MD, LLC, we not only pride ourselves on taking care of our patients, we care about our environment!  That’s why we became a Certified Green Business.

‘Doctors can be pretty formal and stuffy.  But I’m just Joe.’ 

Welcome to Concierge Plus: More Care, Less Trouble

Your MD is an innovative membership medical practice that places a high priority on your time and on the quality of your medical care. We offer you prompt appointments and highly personalized service with no limit on our availability. Call us as often as we are needed.

At Your MD, your appointment is not hurried so you can discuss all your health issues in depth and collaborate on the best course of treatment.

Your MD has removed the barriers found in traditional medical practices and replaced them with improved availability, increased communication and access to a wide range of specialists who can help provide you with the highest possible quality of life.

But we’re not only committed to our patient care, we are proud of our commitment on reducing our environmental footprint.  We started with getting everyone at Your MD on board.  From there on, it became easy.  With everyone’s buy-in, enthusiasm grew and everyone brainstormed on what we can do to accomplish our goal.

We didn’t reinvent the process, just adapted what would work for us.  It started with a collaborated effort on writing our Environmental Policy Statement.  From there we looked at our business and determined what we could do.  We communicate in our staff meetings ways to be more environmentally friendly, use vendors that share our commitment and ways to enhance our waste reduction and recycling program. 

We purchase only recyclable paper; we use an Electronic Health Record management system so we don’t have patient paper files; we email invoices and statements to our patients; use recycled toner and eliminated all paper plates, plastic drink cups and utensils.  We set up an area for all of our recyclable materials with posters showing what goes where.  All of our computers are EPEAT certified and our beverages we use to serve our patients are from fair-trade companies.  We are in the process of converting all of our halogen lights to LED for a huge savings per year to our company. 

We have challenged ourselves to constantly monitor our activity with a goal of measurably reducing our footprint each year.