Westover Consultants, Inc.

Our company began in 1984 as an affirmation of diversity and continues as one. We are a multidisciplinary professional services firm offering Information Technology, management, training, editorial and social marketing expertise to Government agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. We offer our services through a variety of Government-wide acquisition contract vehicles (GWACs), as well as through traditional Federal procurements. We take pride in the varied backgrounds among our employees and consultants: clinicians with extensive field experience; researchers, trainers and facilitators; program administrators; journalists; graphic designers; and medical/behavioral experts. Overlaying this professional mix is a rich cultural tapestry of staff from across America, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

 More than two years ago, Westover began establishing and promoting more environmentally conscious practices through its Green Team.  The purpose of Westover’s Green Team is to coordinate and support efforts to increase awareness and understanding of environmental interrelationships and promote responsible environmental stewardship practices amongst its staff.  Members of the committee include staff representing the Office of the President and the Human Resources Department. However, Westover considers all staff an integral part of its Green Team through support and adherence of its green policies, procedures and initiatives.

 To emphasize its commitment to a cleaner environment and sustainable resources, Westover purchases recycled printer supplies, copier and letterhead paper, utilizes green cleaning products, and provides glass kitchen service ware and filtered water.  We have also partnered with our landlord to ensure energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling.  We are most proud, however, of our efforts to encourage other tenants to “go green” and implementation of employee benefits that encourage and promote more efficient use of energy and materials.  For example, Westover encourages use of mass transit commuting by paying 50% of transportation expenses for its employees.   

 With minimal adjustment, the office is already realizing the benefits of a comprehensive conservation plan. Westover intends to continue promoting its green message through communications and commerce with clients and partners.