Standard Solar, Inc

Standard Solar, Inc. is a leader in the full-service development, construction, integration, financing and installation of solar electric systems. Dedicated to making solar solutions more accessible to businesses, institutions and governments, the company is leading the way to energy independence. Named one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for four consecutive years by Inc. magazine, Standard Solar is one of the most trusted and respected solar companies.

Our residential division Standard Energy Solutions (SES) offers a variety of green home energy management solutions including energy audits and retrofits, residential solar installations, programmable whole home solutions, home generators and home surge protection.

As a Green Energy company, we are dedicated to being “green” in all aspects of our business. We are committed to reducing our waste, recycling and reusing materials to the maximum practical extent, and promoting other sustainability practices.

Highlights of Standard Solar’s green practices include:

  • Using recycled and recyclable paper products (paper towels and facial tissue).
  • Providing 100% recycled printer paper and encouraging staff to only print when necessary.
  • Successfully converting the majority of our departments to manage and communicate documents electronically.
  • Purchasing and using “Green” cleaning materials throughout the office.
  •  Offering incentives to employees who choose public transportation over personal vehicles.
  • Recycling all paper products and comingled materials, we recently encouraged our property manager to purchase a commingled dumpster for the building.
  • Ensuring that all computer monitors are turned off at the end of the work day.
  • Providing reusable dishes, mugs and utensils for staff use in lieu of disposable materials.
  • Using EPEAT and ENERGY STAR-certified electronics and enabling energy saving features.
  • Partnering with other local green vendors for catering and office procurement needs.
  • Utilizing video conferencing when employees are out of the office and offering telecommuting schedules.