PRIZIM Inc., a subsidiary of Hitachi Consulting is an award-winning sustainability services firm specializing in the environment, energy, and social responsibility. Its clients are world leaders in natural and cultural resource stewardship. PRIZIM seeks to raise the “green IQ” of its clients and is dedicated to consulting services including auditing, capacity building, out-sourced solutions, and IT solutions that help organizations reach the greenest and most profitable decisions.

As consultants we help decision-makers feel confident they will be appreciated by future generations. As innovators, we develop practical tools, business models, and frameworks to expand capacity. Through technology, PRIZIM provides a reliable global presence to ensure seamless client collaboration on any system, anytime, and anywhere. We provide professional services and management support to an array of organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The primary focus for our business activity is on continual environmental improvement, ecological sustainability, technical and management analyses, corrective actions, and regulatory compliance.

Incorporated in 1996, PRIZIM has always maintained its corporate headquarters in Olde Towne Gaithersburg, although its work takes staff throughout the country.  Founder and president Frank Priznar began PRIZIM in order to create a company that he would be both happy and proud to work for – a company that would serve its clients’ and employees’ best interests and see beyond the dollar sign to the positive impact a business can have on society. Today, 17 years after Priznar began his business as a one-man enterprise, the company has grown to 50 employees and has offices in nine states.

PRIZIM’s environmental efforts are spearheaded by the PRIZIM Environmental Management System (PEMS) Committee.  The PEMS Committee is responsible for overseeing the company’s environmental management system (EMS) and acting as a liaison between employees and management when addressing identified and potential impacts.  In January of 2010 PRIZIM was independently audited against the ISO 14001 standard and then ISO certified by April of that year.  PRIZIM maintains ISO certification by undergoing a third-party audit each year.  The certification and annual audits ensure that the EMS stays conformant with the ISO standard, and that we continually improve the company’s environmental performance.  

Highlights of green practices at PRIZIM include:

  • Each of our employees is trained on environmentally friendly practices and how they contribute to the PRIZIM EMS.
  • Our office is located in a repurposed building (The Granary) in Old Town Gaithersburg, and many of our office furniture and decorations are reclaimed/recycled.
  • PRIZIM has an Environmental Work Instruction (EWI) which explains to employees that preference should be given to products that meet or exceed the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG).  The primary purchaser at PRIZIM is familiar with the CPG and takes it into consideration before making purchases.
  • Employees are encouraged to review documents in electronic form and print as little as possible.
  • We reduce waste to the maximum extent practicable in all of our operations.  Our company recycles aluminum, tin, plastics, glass, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, office paper, unwanted mail, batteries, computers, monitors, and various other electronics.
  • PRIZIM is a member of EPA’s WasteWise Program which requires annual reporting of data related to generation of garbage and recycling rates.
  • The PEMS Committee works with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee to collect energy bar and candy wrappers which are then sent in to Terracycle, a company that repurposes the wrappers and donates a small sum to the charity of PRIZIM’s choice.
  • Energy conservation measures have been implemented throughout the company’s headquarters, including energy-efficient light fixtures and bulbs, task lighting, daylighting, teleconferencing, teleworking, Energy Star products, automatic temperature controls, and water-saving features.
  • By purchasing greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets through an organization called Native Energy, PRIZIM was ‘carbon-neutral’ from 2008 through 2012.  One of the projects that PRIZIM’s GHG offsets supported was the installation of wind energy turbines in Greenburg, Kansas.
  • PRIZIM offers employees the opportunity to work a flexible schedule to reduce environmental impacts due to commuting.  Incentives are offered to staff who use public transportation and commute with energy-efficient and/or alternative-fueled vehicles.
  • PRIZIM tries to minimize travel where possible when assigning staff to projects.  An environmental work instruction (EWI) has been developed to explain to employees what travel options are less impacting and potentially better for the environment.
  • As an organization that practices what it preaches, PRIZIM’s greening influence extends to its vendors and suppliers.  For example, PRIZIM’s banking partners, legal counsel, and others are required to provide evidence of good environmental stewardship.
  • PRIZIM is continually recognized for environmental leadership in the community.  Most recently (2012), the company was recognized as one of the “Top 20 Environmental Consultants” by the Washington Business Journal.  For each of the past several years, the company was honored with a Gaithersburg Environmental Award and the Alliance for Workplace Excellence’s EcoLeadership Award.  PRIZIM is a founding member of the Stewardship Action Council.