PM America (Project Manager USA, Inc.)

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PM America (Project Manager USA, Inc.) is a minority-owned, Small Business Enterprise.  For the past 10 years, we offer specialized Information Technology (IT) Security / InfoSec / Cyber-Security / Information Assurance and IT Project Management consulting services to Federal Government and Corporate America.  PM America has been recognized for its excellent quality, timely delivery, and for consistently exceeding customer expectations.  

PM America’s green office effort is premised on reducing the amount of waste we generate, recycling items to help create remanufactured products, and reusing products in a different way.  This helps us to save money, create a healthy work environment, and minimize our ecological footprint. 

Environmental actions we are taking include the following: 

  • Use double-sided copying/printing
  • Eliminate disposables (including never buying Styrofoam)
  • Conduct quarterly waste assessments to evaluate the success of our recycling  
  • Annually survey staff to gauge their individual sustainability efforts
  • Proof documents on the computer instead of printing numerous drafts
  • Purchase long-lasting products
  • Closely evaluate the number of hard copy reports and publications needed and utilize electronic versions where appropriate
  • Use reusable mugs and water bottles
  • Reuse file folders and corrugated boxes
  • Reuse the back of used paper and obsolete forms for scratch pads and drafts