IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions is a full-service firm, specializing in communications and health information technology. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people—especially those in need. Our approach involves working across all content and skill areas and providing our expertise to empower organizations with the knowledge and resources they need to improve lives. Our passion for the people we serve compels us to deliver the right solutions to the right people at the right time.  IQ Solutions provides innovative ideas and solutions to our clients, based on five core values that DRIVE our work: Dedication, Respect, Innovation, Vision and Excellence.

Our Environmental Commitment 

IQ Solutions seeks to establish and sustain a positive environmental footprint not only for the company, but indeed for our larger global community. In doing so, IQ Solutions is committed to minimizing its overall impact on the environment while encouraging and fostering environmentally responsible behavior on the part of our employees, guests, and business associates.

Specifically, IQ Solutions aims to conserve water, energy, and ecosystems; to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; to minimize waste; and to inspire consciousness in support of environmental sustainability. The company also seeks to identify, measure, and understand the direct and indirect impact of its operations, and develop innovative and realistic solutions for mitigating those impacts.

Finally, the company is committed to communicating regularly its progress in implementing the policies and achieving the targets that it has established, to comply with, and in some cases exceeds expectations with regard to environmental laws and regulations.


Focus Areas


It is our practice to minimize waste in our operations and business activities. Dispose of waste conscientiously and creatively by making “reduce/reuse/recycle” the standard operating procedure. Incorporate waste reduction into the design of products, programs, and facilities. Reduce waste through innovative product development, supply chain management, and end-of-life recycling. We strive to make sure:

  • All reusable materials are reused, and anything that can be recycled is recycled.
  • There are multiple containers throughout the office for paper and comingled, recycled items. Paper is shredded, and a conscious effort is made to purchase only recycled office materials and supplies.
  • Employees’ recycling bins are emptied, and paper is shredded.
  • Staff members are encouraged to select electronic or alternate mediums of communication to conserve paper. Forms, letters, and invoices, etc., are sent and approved electronically.
  • Interoffice messages are completed through the HUD (chat system), and wav files through emails.
  • Interoffice mail is distributed through interoffice mail envelopes circulated for reuse.
  • No phonebooks are needed and all 411 information is accessed through the Internet. Directions are sent electronically to PDAs.
  • All “junk mail” companies are contacted on a daily basis and asked to email any advertisements, promotions, catalogs, and correspondence to a dedicated email account.
  • Company communications and employee-related announcements are securely communicated electronically.
  • IQ provides dishes, mugs, and silverware to staff. These items can be washed and reused, in place of disposable materials.
  • Inventory is managed on computer spreadsheets. Double-sided copies are printed with “no cartridge” solid ink on 100% recycled paper. Depreciated electronics and old furniture are donated to charity.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs are picked up by building management and properly disposed of.  Energy-saving lights and electronic equipment are utilized at all times.
  • A Montgomery County business recycling form is completed annually to aid in monitoring and reducing waste by the Property Management.
  • Recycling is promoted in all employee kitchens and lounges. Staff members are encouraged to turn off lights when leaving the room, to turn off running water when not in use, and to adjust office window blinds to block direct sunlight during summer months to minimize burden on air-conditioning units.


We are committed to procuring environmentally sustainable products, materials, supplies, and electronic equipment, while managing energy consumption. We also examine our supply chain to achieve improvements and long-term sustainability in all our purchasing activities. Our purchasing standards are as follows:

  • Recycled paper (100% post-consumer stock) is used with our printers, and toners are made with “no cartridge” solid ink.
  • Paper towels, facial tissue, and bathroom tissue are made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Only sustainable materials are used during remodeling, and no VOC paints are used.
  • Materials are purchased from local businesses when available.
  • Water filtration systems are installed on separate taps in all kitchens.
  • Aerosols are never used


Our goal is to help reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by identifying the sources and implementing solutions, such as source elimination and efficiency improvement. In addition, we minimize transportation and other fuels, and increase the use of clean fuels with our fleet. Our daily efforts, therefore, are centered on reducing our carbon footprint by following these and many other steps.

  • By subscribing to AirAlerts by Clean Air Partners, a service offered through Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, we receive timely air-quality forecast information and follow simple, voluntary actions to reduce air pollution. In this way, we make a difference in our region’s air quality.
  • Trash and recycled materials are picked up and properly disposed of daily by maintenance personnel in our building.
  • All deliveries and supplies are stored indoors.
  • All lighting has been changed to energy efficient, electronic ballasts and #T8F32 bulbs.
  • Rechargeable batteries are used in all battery-operated electronic devices.
  • Promotional materials are sent electronically.
  • We utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Staff members work remotely, save on gas, and contribute toward reducing air pollution in our area.


Our goal is to improve water and energy efficiencies in existing operations. Invest in new technologies and systems that enhance water and energy conservation. Include water and energy management as an integral part of planning for the future to reduce the consumption of water and energy. Below are some of the steps we have taken thus far.

  • Computer Monitors, printers/copiers and fax machines are Energy Star Rated.
  • Refrigerators are set to 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Water filtration systems have replaced water coolers in all of our employee lounges.
  • “Smart” power strips are installed on computer stations to reduce the amount of “phantom” power loads generated by our equipment.
  • All lights are turned off when not in use, and most lights are kept off during business hours.
  • All windows are sealed.
  • All lighting is energy efficient, electronic ballasts and #T8F32 bulbs.
  • HVAC unit maintenance is scheduled on a regular basis.
  • Personal heater units are not permitted.
  • Air-conditioning systems have been optimized for efficiency.
  • Regular plumbing maintenance is conducted and faucets are regularly checked for leaks.
  • Plants are equipped with “water sticks” in order to reduce the need for additional watering.


It is our mission to educate and encourage staff members to be aware of our environmental footprint, and how it impacts the world around us. As part of this mission, we provide environmentally friendly transportation options and proactive cost-saving solutions that include remote work, and we encourage staff to take full advantage of these alternate transportation methods.

  • IQ Solutions has a designated Transportation Benefits Coordinator who partners with the Montgomery Transportation Department to ensure that all staff members are aware of the various programs that are offered to employees who take public transportation to work.
  • We are actively participating in the SmartBenefits Program and currently have 36 employees enrolled in that program.
  • We currently offer $75 per month to all part-time employees who take public transportation to work and $125 per month to all full-time employees who take public transportation to work. The nearest metro station is only one block from our offices.
  • We also have a separate “Remote Work Policy,” which allows employees to work remotely for up to 3 days per week. As an incentive, IQ Solutions gives each 3-day remote employee a one-time $125 payment for equipment setup at home and a semimonthly Internet allowance of $22.50.
  • IQ Solutions conducts numerous meetings and webinars via teleconference to eliminate remote employees from having to come to the office for these activities.
  • Employees are encouraged to bike to work, and the building provides bike stations for those employees who wish to do so. For added security, employees may park their bikes in the back of our office suites.
  • When staff members are on travel, it is company policy to book environmentally friendly hotels (usually Kimpton Hotel Group). We also book hotels within walking distance of the meeting locations to eliminate the need for other forms of transportation.
  • IQ Solutions submits the annual Traffic Mitigation Plan Report online. We also have displays in our employee lounges, which provide transit, commuter, and Guaranteed Ride Home Program information.

 With this environmental policy statement, our goal is to engage and inspire employees, guests, viewers, interested parties, and business associates to make a positive impact on our environment. Through sustainable environmental considerations and decision-making, we hope to promote practices that conserve natural resources, and improve public health and the quality of our work environment.