Global Investigative Services, Inc.

Global Investigative Services, Inc. is a small, woman owned, MBE/DBE certified business with over twenty years of experience assisting businesses, agencies and institutions throughout the world, secure qualified employees by providing a complete array of investigative screening services.

Our client base is composed of organizations in various industries, which include, but are not limited to educational institutions, health care facilities, financial institutions, and government agencies. Global’s mission is to provide our clients a safe, fast and affordable process for conducting background investigations that are accurate, and compliant while at the same time delivering exceptional person-to-person support.

Global recognizes the impact one company can have on their green initiative within the community as well as outside and strives to promote competency and awareness.

The steps to reduce our ecological footprint and transition to a sustainable future include the following green practices:

  • The use of recycled products such as file folders, paper towels, furniture, and computer equipment.
  • Leasing/purchasing ENERGY STAR rated equipment when available.
  • Providing reusable mugs and flatware to all employees.
  • Clearly labeled recycling bins placed in communal areas throughout the office.
  • Using natural light when possible; "save energy" reminders posted on light switches.
  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Encouraging employees and clients to take advantage of Metro accessible location.