Family & Nursing Care


Family & Nursing Care specializes in assisting older adults in need of home care services, whether it is a caregiver to help with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, or other daily tasks that may have become challenging or a nurse to assist with more skilled needs like medication management, diabetes management, or wound care. Our clients live in private homes, retirement communities, independent and assisted living facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals…anywhere that they need assistance.

Family & Nursing Care believes that we all can contribute to protecting the environment through good stewardship practices. In order to be responsible stewards, the Company has implemented the following initiatives.

  • Recycle: We recycle glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, plastic, plastic bags, energy bar wrappers, and k-cups.
  • Reuse and Reduce: We provide reusable containers in the kitchen for employees to use for leftovers instead of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or baggies. Employees are also encouraged to reduce their use of plastic or paper grocery and restaurant carry-out bags by using reusable cloth/fabric bags instead. Purchase of Styrofoam containers for office use is prohibited.
  • Use reusable and recycled products when feasible: We provide reusable kitchen supplies (glasses, plates, silverware, etc.) and purchase paper goods made from post-consumer waste when feasible (copy paper, marketing materials, napkins, paper towels, etc.
  • Buy Energy Efficient Equipment and Appliances: We buy ENERGY STAR rated and/or EPEAT certified equipment and appliances when available and accessible.
  • Print Double-Sided/Front and Back: Our printer and copiers are programmed to duplex printing. When existing copiers need to be replaced, it is company policy for all new copiers and printers to come equipped with the duplex printing feature.
  • Go Paperless: We use online communications and digital documentation as much as possible and encourage employees to reduce their paper consumption.
  • Printing. Print promotional materials with vegetable or other low-VOC inks.
  • Use Recyclable Print Cartridges: When possible, we use recyclable and/or remanufactured toner cartridges and take them to a recycling center.
  • Recycle Computers and Electronics: We e-cycle computers and other electronics and their accessories.
  • Reduce Junk Mail: We encourage employees to stop unwanted mail such as solicitations, catalogs, credit card offers, etc.
  • Motion sensor controlled lights: Almost all of the lights in our office are motion controlled to save energy.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting: We use energy-efficient light bulbs where possible.
  • Non-toxic Personal Care/Cleaning Products: We supply non-toxic, cruelty-free personal care products and cleaning products for general office use.
  • Pass Green Along: We send regular Green Tips to educate our staff about how each of us can reduce our footprint.
  • Buy from Eco-Friendly Companies: We have implemented a Vendor Evaluation Process to increase our purchases of goods and services from eco-friendly companies.
  • Plant-based options. Provide at least one vegan option at staff functions and give a preference to restaurants and caterers that use environmentally-friendly practices (e.g., compostable or biodegradable bowls, cutlery, and cups; napkins made from post-consumer content; energy offsets; locally grown and/or organic food).
  • Foundation. The Family & Nursing Care Foundation, a fund of the Community Foundation in Montgomery County, supports older adults by awarding grants that help lower-income older adults gain access to home care and by providing scholarships for certified nursing assistant (CNA) training at Montgomery College.