Congressional Bank

 As thefirst Montgomery County green-certified bank we are now the best banking partner and lender to green companies, thereby extending our participation in Montgomery County’s Green Initiative. 

While most banks have moved away from a local focus, Congressional Bank is serious about our customers and our communities.

Some of Congressional Bank’s green activities include:

  • The formation of the steering committee, “Gang Green” - our team of associates constantly generating and implementing new green conservation efforts.
  • Our Montgomery County branches are totally powered by wind, through our partner Clean Currents.
  • Moving as many customers as possible to using electronic statements and bill payment as well as other forms of paperless banking.
  • Rewarding green efforts and results throughout the company with the ultimate “green” – cash!
  • Competitions for ideas to cut waste.
  • Continuous training and communications throughout the company to keep “green” top-of-mind with all staff.
  • Setting passion for and willingness to engaging in green efforts as criteria for selecting vendors and new employees.
  • Incentives for car-pooling.
  • No longer using bottled water, thereby not generating that plastic waste. We have invested in reusable tumblers for water consumption in our headquarter location for our employees, shareholders and guests. At our recent Annual Meeting we gave these tumblers to our shareholders and invited them to join with our efforts.
  • Posting a bulletin board in our main office made of 80% recycled material that is 100% recyclable when disposed. It is dedicated to spreading the word about green news, updates and other important information about our green initiatives.

Potomac Branch- 7963 Tuckerman Lane, Potomac, MD 20854

Rockville Branch- 5274 Randolph Road, Rockville, MD 20852

Member FDIC