Chevo Consulting, LLC

Chevo Consulting, LLC (Chevo) was founded in December 2002 as a privately-held, entrepreneurial organization with a non-bureaucratic environment to help organizations Change and evolve. We created a family-friendly environment, allowing employees to control their work/home-life balance.

Chevo is a management consulting firm, not a government contractor. We help organizations set their strategic vision, determine how best to implement that vision, work with them to implement that vision, and manage the results. We are an unbiased organization and maintain that role by utilizing our expertise, methodologies, and best practices to assist our clients in achieving their strategic objectives. Chevo has four defined Service Areas: Strategic, Portfolio, Project, and Financial Management; these services include: strategic planning, requirements analysis, acquisition management, capital planning, project management, organization change, and implementation oversight.

We began the shift to eco-friendly practices in conjunction with our building management company (Brandywine Realty Trust) over a year ago; they installed energy-efficient lighting, plumbing, and recycling units, while we reduced our suite footprint for maximum energy efficiency; reduced paper and trash waste in the office by installing mixed-use recycle bins and informing staff about recycling efforts, and much more. Highlights include:

  • Encouraging mass transit commuting by offering employer-paid transit benefits and enabling employees to set aside pre-tax income for public transportation
  • Offering telecommuting and flexible schedules wherever possible
  • Using recycled and recyclable paper products (e.g., copy paper, paper towels, facial tissue)
  • Practicing efficient printing: printers set to double-sided, black& white
  • Purchasing environmentally-friendly office supplies and equipment
  • Using a local printer that is Green-certified, using vegetable-based inks or other low-VOC inks, and prints on recycled material