Gali Service Industries, Inc.

Gali Service Industries, Inc. (GSI) is a premier provider of integrated facility services. Founded in 1991, GSI has demonstrated a successful record of consistent growth in revenue and market penetration throughout the United States. Across all divisions, GSI manages operations in 20 states and the District of Columbia with 3,000 employees working in a broad range of facilities and capacities. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, commercial and multifamily real estate owners, federal, state & local government, industrial, hospitality, educational, retail and mission critical facilities. Supported through the latest technology, GSI’s programs cost-effectively perform and manage all facility maintenance, service and support requirements.

Managed by an internationally renowned leadership team, GSI has been recognized and awarded for bringing innovative solutions to market in the areas of worker safety, sustainability and service delivery. A strong commitment to Corporate Social
Responsibility provides a framework for sustainable growth where community outreach, small-business mentoring and eco-friendly policies are key drivers to success and profitability.

GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning is based on a scientific approach that protects health and the environment, provided in strict accordance with Green Seal GS-42 Standards. This program applies only the best practices for high-performance cleaning, enabling GSI to meet comparable budgetary cost objectives over internal staffing and traditional cleaning service providers.

The GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning program uses only Green Seal Certified products and processes; which result in a significant reduction of indoor air pollutants when compared to conventional cleaning processes.

Decades of research demonstrate the link between building systems, commercial cleaning practices and the health and productivity of building occupants. Studies conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Cornell Medical College found that high-performance cleaning led to the following improvements in indoor air quality and health.

Indoor Air Quality Improvements:

  • 52% reduction in airborne dust
  • 59% decrease in Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) concentrations
  • 40% reduction in bacteria Health Improvements
  • 24% reduction in reported illnesses
  • 34% fewer doctor visits
  • 46% fewer days absent from schools

GSI’s Eco Healthy Cleaning program consists of six steps designed to help transform the care and maintenance of client facilities into a distinctive market advantage:

  1. Eco Healthy Products
    GSI uses Green Seal Certified cleaning products that avoid the use of toxic compounds that can cause health and respiratory problems and harm the environment.
  2. Eco Healthy Cleaning Processes
    High-performance cleaning processes, comprehensive staff training and standardized operating procedures result in a five-fold reduction of indoor air pollutants when compared to conventional cleaning processes.
  3. Eco Healthy Cleaning Equipment
    Specialized cleaning equipment, filters and vacuum attachments protect indoor air quality, and GSI uses microfiber towels and mops for efficient removal of bacteria and germs on surfaces.
  4. Eco Healthy Auditing and Quality Assurance
    GSI’s quality control processes can help facilities meet the GS-42 standard and LEED O&M requirements. Adherence to these standards will be audited and validated by the Building Wellness Institute.
  5. LEED Certification Support
    GSI provides reporting and support for maintaining LEED Certification with an extensive record servicing LEED facilities and LEED Accredited Professionals on staff.
  6. Stakeholder Education and Awareness
    On-site posters, bathroom decals, education materials and fact sheets help promote commitment to protecting health and the environment.

To learn more about GSI and our Eco Healthy Cleaning program, please visit our website