The Fehlig Group

The Fehlig Group is dedicated to supporting the work of businesses of all sizes to be successful and grow with their values by embracing responsible practices. Since 1993, The Fehlig Group consultants have been helping companies develop comprehensive corporate responsibility strategies. The Fehlig Group assists companies in the areas of strategic community involvement, environmental impact, workplace practices, and stakeholder engagement. TFG consulting clients range in size from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses and represent a broad range of industries.
The Fehlig Group approach combines deep knowledge of the corporate responsibility field with a commitment to understanding the unique situation of each business. 

For over twenty years, The Fehlig Group has observed and supported businesses striving to combine their values and business practices. Issues of interest change frequently, and are impacted by factors including economic climate, competitive environment, and customer demand. But the need to define and leverage responsible business practices is constant.

Members of TFG consulting team represent an extensive array of functional and industry expertise. After an initial assessment to better understand your unique situation, we pull together the capabilities your company needs. We have created a bank of resources to help identify, implement, and communicate your responsible business practices.

TFG consultant competencies range from assessment and evaluation, to public relations and corporate communication… from organizational development and diversity training, to video design and production…and from medical and environmental technical writing, to facilitation and team-building methodologies. Before TFG, these consultants worked as journalists, lawyers, strategy advisors, communications specialists, non-profit leaders, corporate sales managers, and federal government employees. This diverse and nimble team is ready to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by your company.

As a small business our greatest contribution to preserving the environment is our work with our clients. While we have been helping public corporations disclose their carbon footprint to the CDP global database since 2007 we believe 

that participating in the local environmental programs and partnerships is critical to add credibility and resources to their efforts. 

Our own practices include: 

  • Recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, can, plastic bags
  • Reuse paper
  • Purchasing recycled paper material
  • Joined “Energy Wise Rewards” in 2011
  • Participates in the Pepco Energy Savings Credit (PESC)
  • Teleconference to reach remote clients
  • Donate, recycle (Free Cycle), whenever possible