KOL Foods

Based in Silver Spring, MD, KOL Foods balances modern and traditional values. Before it was established in 2008, there was no meat that was healthy, sustainable and from farms, not factories in the kosher market. KOL Foods tells its meat’s true story. We value people and planet. Our goal is to provide honest, healthy, humane, sustainable and delicious kosher meat. Our food connects people to tradition, to the land, to a sustainable future and to good health for friends and family.

We are a kosher farmers’ market and provide quality meat, poultry and fish you know and trust and ship nationwide.  Our animals are beyond grass-fed: they meet the highest standard of the American Grass-fed Association. We never compromise on quality, our 100% grass-fed standard, or the fair wages we pay employees and farmers. Our products cost more, but they are worth it. Our standards:

  • Grass-fed and organic-fed
  • No GMOs or animal by-products
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones or arsenic
  • No chemical pesticide use
  • No feedlots: our animals never see the inside of a barn
  • Pasture-raised on small, traditional family owned farms and ranches

Our poultry is beyond organic and free range: it is 100% pastured and organic-fed. Other folks might be USDA Organic, but does this really meet your expectations? USDA Organic poultry comes from birds that are almost always raised on confinement and are fed solely gran (corn and soy). Our poultry roam freely, eat what they choose and grow at their natural pace, enjoying a variety of food, beautiful views and fresh air.

Our beef and lamb are beyond pastured: they are 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished. 95% of US cattle are raised for the first part of their lives on pasture and then fattened on grain in feedlots. That is conventional meat. 100% grass-fed meat’s popularity is well deserved for its significant health, welfare and sustainability benefits. Those benefits are completely lost when an animal is grain-finished.

To keep the KOL Foods' office's carbon footprint at a minimal, KOL Foods operates out of a LEED (green) Certified building that uses ground source heating and cooling, has a green roof and many other sustainable features. To top it off, we use Energy Star appliances and the electricity that we do use comes from wind power. Plus, one of the slaughterhouses that we use converts it's waste to bio-diesel for it's trucks. Even the bank that we use (TD Bank) is carbon neutral as of February 2010!

Please visit our website to learn more or to order: www.kolfoods.com.