Green Earth Travel LLC

Seasoned world traveler Donna Zeigfinger founded Green Earth Travel in 1997 with one mission in mind: to provide a wide range of travel options for people who crave adventure and care about the planet. Since then, the company has remained on the cutting edge of conscientious traveling and become the nation’s premiere vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency.

Green Earth Travel lives up to its name by booking tours that promote sustainability, biodiversity and leaving a light footprint on the planet. Donna uses her own eco-travel experiences to meticulously plan each vacation package and turn fantasy vacations into reality. She specializes in creating customized Volunteer Vacation  and Adventure Travel packages for groups, individuals, couples and families. The main green practice to promote vegan tours and packages that do not include any animal agriculture.

Donna Zeigfinger is a member of the International Eco Tourism Society

You can also check your carbon footprint on our calculator with Sustainable Travel International. You can offset the costs by purchasing credits. Some of the projects would be-
International Reforestation Projects

Projects to recreate critical forests and provide incentives to protect critical forest land and avoid the cutting of trees. Projects are designed using the standards set forth by the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance (
U.S. Renewable Energy Projects
Renewable energy projects such as wind farms that are used to generate clean energy in the western U.S. Bonneville Environmental foundation provides STI with Green-e certified (, 100% renewable Carbon Offsets for this program.
Gold Standard Projects
Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects are inspected and validated by Clean Development Mechanism accredited Designated Operational Entities including The Gold Standard (
Combination of several offset Projects
(calculated based on 25% Gold Standard, 25% U.S. Renewable Energy Projects, 50% International Reforestation Projects)
Donna doesn’t do cheap cookie-cutter vacations. Instead, she consults with each prospective client to identify exactly what they want to get out of their trip, and then helps people choose from a menu of options. After that, she makes all the arrangements – taking the stress and worry of pre-trip preparation completely off of her clients’ shoulders. The personal touch Donna brings to vacation planning, as well as her attention to detail and outstanding customer relations, are all part of what make Green Earth Travel’s signature travel services special.