Aquabarrel LLC

Aquabarrel LLC offers a diverse selection of rain harvesting supplies via its online stores. Since 2005 Aquabarrel has partnered with many local organizations to educate the community and encourage a grassroots approach to storm water management through the use of rain barrels. Partnerships include the Anacostia Watershed Society, Montgomery County Maryland, Community Forklift, the U.S. Botanic Gardens, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, local schools, and other organizations.
Aquabarrel is committed to water conservation and the protection of our watersheds through the use of rain barrels and cisterns. Aquabarrel offers a wide range of products from inexpensive kits for do-it yourselfers with their own barrels to sophisticated systems storing many hundreds or thousands of gallons.

Aquabarrel has relocated and has installed several rainwater harvesting containers with several more planned for the summer of 2015. By the end of 2015 nearly 25% of the collection surface run off is expected to be routed to storage areas. A goal of routing the rain from 100% of the collection surfaces to containment is planned to be in place by 2020. Additionally the ultimate goal is to be able to retain 100% of an amount equal to a storm that would produce 2.5 inches of rain on a significant amount of our collection surfaces.
Aquabarrel has a number of business practices in place that are part of the culture of respecting the environment.

  • From inception, Aquabarrel has been diligent with repurposing a variety of materials that others might send to the landfill. In-bound shipping cartons are flipped inside out for a second use and packing materials are always stored for future use. When paper products are no longer able to be used many are shredded and used as packing materials too.
  • Toilets have had dual flush kits installed and one was replaced with a low flow flush cycle. 
  • All natural soaps are used in addition to a vinegar solution that is used for regular cleaning of surfaces.
  • Automated thermostats control the temperature year round. Roof vents in the shop have thermostats to vent the heat in the summer.
  • The primary toilet room has had a Solar-Tube installed. Most days it is not necessary to turn on the lights as it is so well lit with this device.
  • Computers, printers and other electronic devices are all powered down or shut down when not in use.
  • Buying local and supporting local small business is always the first choice.

Aquabarrel’s professional associations include the American Rainwater Catchment Society, Green America (formerly Coop America), and Maryland Green Registry.
Aquabarrel rain barrels have been shown on HGTV’s Groundbreakers and DIY Network’s Desperate Landscapes, featured in The Washington Post as part of Earth Week 2008 coverage, and highlighted by Wendy Reiger on WRC-NBC for their ease of installation.