Executive Building Maintenance, Inc.

EBM, Inc. (Executive Building Maintenance, Inc.), is a GS-42 Green Certified full service janitorial company offering superior office cleaning and general janitorial maintenance to commercial & residential building owners, managers and construction companies in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Currently serving many Class "A" Buildings. We are proud to say we have contracts with some of the most prestigious building owners and management companies in the area.

EBM, Inc. a member of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) was established on 1994. Our CORPORATE POLICY is base on the fact that “We take pride in the buildings that we have contracts with, and maintain them in a way that reflects credit on the managers, owners and ourselves.”

For over 20 years, EBM, Inc. has proven itself as a leader in professional cleaning services. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, our extensive portfolio consists of medical facilities, schools, shopping malls, professional offices, office buildings, industrial complexes and financial institutions. We offer a broad range of services that can be tailored to meet your needs, and our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured to give you the confidence that your job is being handled by qualified personnel.

Our Commitment To Our Clients is evident when our company was awarded the Janitorial Contractor of the BOMA 2003 Toby Awards, when one of our buildings, was awarded The Office Building of The Year, Corporate Facility Category, we understand businesses, we know that the cleanliness of their building is a reflection of our own commitment to quality and professionalism. The success of our company depends on our ability to make our clients' workplaces not only look clean in appearance, but also be healthier environments to work in. Our clients want a janitorial service that does good work and one that is also honest, reliable, and responsive. They want a service that does superior work at affordable rates. We are committed to the fulfilling of our client's green cleaning needs.

The overall goal of “Green Cleaning” is to protect the health and safety of a building’s occupants and workers without harming the environment. This extends well beyond the realm of new products and includes issues related to Indoor Environment Quality, (IEQ), cleanliness, safety, ergonomics and more. Implementing a full Green Cleaning Program takes much more than just switching to certified “green” products.

In an effort to accomplish this, EBM, Inc. has implemented weekly meetings between the Area Manager and the Supervisor of the building. This initiates discussions on cleaning methods and new green products as they arrive on the market. The Supervisor then meets with his employees to discuss any cleaning issues they may have. At that time the employees of EBM, Inc. are instructed on the use of any new “green” cleaning products, and any questions they may have are answered.  The Supervisor monitors the building by walking the floors to insure that the employees are using the green cleaning products correctly. All new employees are given intensive instructions as to the proper use and storage of the green cleaning products that are being used.

The first step in our “Green” Training Program is to educate our Employees so that they understand what is in this method for them. One of our primary goals is a worker friendly cleaning program. Considering what factors will make an employee’s job more effective, faster, simpler, safer and satisfying.

To educate the maintenance staff we concentrate on two (2) main factors:

  • Definition of Green Cleaning.
  • Explaining the Health & Performance benefits to them as users of Green Products.

To explain the Health & Performance Benefits we can concentrate on the following:


  • Teaching metering tips to insure accurate dilution of new products, requiring fewer products to clean the building, reducing product usage.
  • Thoroughly removing soils and bacteria by deep cleaning.
  • Eliminating cross-contamination by constant changing of cleaning solution and rinse water along with complete soil extraction.
  • Specialized floor care program that frees cleaning resources so that they can be applied to other areas of the building.  


  • Instructing employees to remove dust and maintain a dust free environment extends the time between burnishing, stripping and finishing floors. 
  • Minimizing dust as well as chemical exposure will minimize fumes that are released into the atmosphere and will improve the IEQ.


  • This cleaning system improves the effectiveness and productivity of workers, but also protects them from unhealthy exposure to contaminated surfaces and disease transfer points.
  • These systems enable many workers to excel in their job who might otherwise be restricted by a physical condition or age. 
  • These systems are designed to protect workers and occupants from slip-fall injuries and injuries associated with lifting.

At EBM, Inc., our ongoing Training Program concentrates on improving and applying new cleaning systems by conducting surveys to determine the most effective ways to align ourselves with the evolving goals of Green Seal initiatives. We are always looking for new research and implementation of new green products.