Certified Businesses can receive their logo on the side of a bus!

Certified Businesses can receive their logo on the side of a bus!

Benefits of Certification

It Makes Good Business Sense -- Businesses that efficiently manage their environmental, social, and economic capital have lower risks, expanded opportunities, and better stakeholder relations than those focusing on profit alone.  Such green businesses exhibit broader margins, higher productivity, and greater employee retention than conventional businesses. 

Enhanced Reputation and Recognition – Take advantage of free publicity to gain market exposure and strengthen your brand identity. Certified Green Businesses will be listed in the County’s online Green Business Directory, receive a certificate and window decal, and have use of the program logo.  The County will also showcase path-breaking businesses through press releases, video profiles, newsletters and other avenues.

Competitive Advantage – In a natural resources constrained world, sustainability and innovation will be fundamental drivers of economic success.  Green your day to day operations and supply chain and take advantage of new commerce opportunities in the green business economy -- one that will increasingly benefit businesses that integrate environmental considerations into their corporate strategies.

Save Money – Very significant savings can be realized through improved efficiency designed to cut waste.  Opportunities abound, such as retrofitting your lighting, eliminating unnecessary appliances, reducing pesticides and fertilizer, minimizing travel, greening your supply chain, and much more.

Create a Healthy Work Environment – Improve employee wellness, safety, and health by reducing pollution and toxic products.  A green and healthy workplace can reduce risks and increase employee productivity.  

Align your Operations with your Values – Increase employee engagement, improve recruitment and unleash the creative sprit through your corporate citizenship.  Employees embrace the opportunity to do right by the environment and put their beliefs into action.  You'll also find that pursuing a sustainability agenda improves internal communication and collaboration, and creates goodwill among employees.